2D Artists are underrated in the devforum?

Hey! I am a 2D artist. I just got my membership on the forum, and i did post my portfolio, but it didn’t get so famous because people don’t really search up for 2D artists. any tips?


Bruh, people won’t notice you if you just got your membership. Start posting your work and stuff and maybe people might notice.

Edit: You can’t expect to be noticed right away.


A couple reasons I think.

  1. Don’t expect to become “famous” in 1 day, you need to build a reputation
  2. 2d art is probably not really a priority for most developers

I think being a “UI designer” is more sought after because every game needs UI.

I know being a “2d artist” and a “UI designer” is different but they aren’t completely different.


  • Since you are starting off, you should seek people to work for, most people when seeing your profile don’t really know if they should or need to hire you. Try going to someone and asking if you can if you can do work for them, and show them some samples.

I don’t know if this works it’s just a guess

Are you only posting your portfolio on the forum? You need to post your work too and people will acknowledge you for your progress. If you haven’t already, post your art on other platforms too - Twitter, Instagram, etc. You’ll gain more audience that way.

And remember, patience is the key. As Kryxler said, you shouldn’t expect to get noticed right away. It only has been 1-2 days since you posted your portfolio.

Edit: Another tip is creating a topic where you ask for feed backs to improve your art. There is always room to grow.


Going off what elon said, start working for small groups and build up your reputation and references. When people hire you, they usually check your background and your history so having a good reputation will help you be noticed.

This is true because most people use 3D GFX for their thumbnails and icons over 2D art.

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For games, that is correct. But there are a lot of people (you can do a search on Twitter) who are willing to pay (over 1k robux) for 2D arts. They’re mostly people who need it for Youtube banner, profile, or just for fun.


yeah, youtube banner or pfp has 2d art a lot o times

Hi there! Here are some reasons why:

  • You just got accepted as a member on the dev forum

  • You just posted your portfolio a day ago. Reputation takes time to build up. It can takes weeks, months, even years. Just be patient!

  • It depends on the quality of your work. Some people may not be interested in your style or level

  • It can also depend on your price

  • Roblox is a gaming platform. A place where people create games. 2D art isn’t much of an interest to people. Most are interested in Programming, UI, modeling, etc. 2D art isn’t necessarily underrated on roblox, but rather isn’t really a priority to people.

  • If you want to gain more Reputation, I suggest branching out to other websites such as ffiver.

Hope this helps! (:


also there is some games going for a cute type thing
so they use 2D art cuz they blend in way better in this domain