2D DragDetectors

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to create draggable UI elements that account for all input schemes.

There is a legacy property called Draggable that lives on most Gui elements, however, this has been deprecated (and maybe even deimplemented) since it only worked for Mouse based inputs.

Draggable also doesn’t allow snapping into other elements, or any clean events to track the dragging behaviour of a UI elements.

This feature request suggests making a 2D version of the recently release DragDetector so that I dont have to write the dragging code myself which is a time consuming process when factoring in several input devices. It would also be nice if we could snap 2D elements to other elements when dragging

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I wouldn’t have to write a complicated module to handle dragging UI elements across several input types


I don’t think this would be worth it considering Roblox could alternatively update Draggable. The Draggable property is apparrently still used in the Roblox Backpack as well.

Ultimately, performance would also be much better because the C++ code would not have to run through an interpolation layer to relay inputs (as I presume).


DragDetectors have a lot of nice customization that a single property could not possibly capture. Having an actual DragDetector would be the way to go.

Instance.new("UIDragDetector", game.StarterGui)

Roblox hasn’t said anything, but they’ve added an instance. Theres no documentation I have found or any mention but you can create them through code.


Have you tried to see if it works? Really interested.

There is also a new service for this.

Unsure what it would be for though

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it’s mentioned in the creator roadmap (:
Roblox Creator Roadmap