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About the project

Upside Engine is a 2D game engine designed for roblox, the project started 2 years ago in february 2021, and was updated by last time in September 2021. This version of upside engine was a very lazy version, so I worked in from december 2021 to now to create the greatest framework to make 2d games in roblox. Currently it’s not perfect but makes a very easy process creating a 2d game in the platform. It’s going to be released in April 24, 2023.


If you want to stay updated on our progress and achievements, you can join our project community. Here you can find updates, news, discussions and feedback from other members.


Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


The current progress looks quite amazing. I can see this becoming an engine some developers would use to make an actual game with!

However, I am wondering how well it runs due to the high number of frames. Whats the rendering pipeline like?


2D Game creation made easy?!?!?!
That’s some great work dude, I would sure pay a lot for it


It usually works quite well, although the lighting rendering can consume quite a lot of resources, as long as there are not too many lights, it will generally run at 60 fps.

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Awesome to see this is still in development! Used this a while ago for some smaller projects, and if I could vouch back then that it was good, then I’m sure it’s even better now :wink:

Good luck on your release!

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this may actually revolutionise roblox, would also love to see if roblox makes 2d an actual feature. Great job!

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the engine will be released in half an hour :slight_smile:


This is a big W :heart:
Il definitely use this!

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