2D Projectiles // Gui Raycasting // Upcoming module

Hello everyone!

I was working on a module for creating actual 2 dimensional projectiles. (Basically Gui Raycasting) I would like to show you its progress!

The module is coming soon

Why did I do this?

Currently, there are little to no resources for people who want to make actual 2D physics and game, and thats why I have started creating them for you all!

Another problem that comes to default roblox gui physics is that: Position of the objects do not change according to its rotation which causes problems when making tweens to create projectiles. Working with absolutePosition is not a piece of cake for everyone hence this module!


How it works:

When rotating the “gun”, the Red Colored Direction depicting ray moves along with it, when we left click, the same ray is cloned into another ray which will be the path the bullet travels on. When the ray and the bullet are created, the bullet is tweened linear to the cloned ray and you see the projectile move!

Damage and collisions will be included in the module’s release

If you want, be sure to put some feedback, suggestions, questions down below! Any form of feedback is appreciated!


Also, if you want more 2D physics modules from my side, be sure to dm me on devforum or reply below with your ideas :wink:

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Debugged ray position. Perfect rays :wink:

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I am looking forward to this! I am working on a gui physics module (that includes gravity, etc) and this would be super helpful. Keep it up!

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omg I need this Im currently making a 2D game and this would be very helpful

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I forgot to put the link, but its released: [Deprecated] 2D Projectile Module - An easy way to create dynamic 2D projectiles

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thank you so much!

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