2D scrolling results in camera pan

Camera movement in all Roblox games has become abnormal. I use an Apple Magic Mouse 2 which has a 2-dimensional scrolling feature. 2-dimensional scrolling tends to be a feature only on trackpads and so I’m assuming Roblox is thinking my mouse is a trackpad incorrectly resulting in irregular behavior in-game.

When I scroll in-game, I expect my camera to zoom in or out but that’s not what happens. In games now, scrolling my mouse pans the camera in whichever direction I scroll.

This becomes a serious issue in games, like Eclipsis, that rely on scrolling as a form of interaction in the game whether it be selecting a different weapon or rotating an object.

I believe this was introduced when trackpack gestures came out and has been mentioned by @gui110 here earlier today.


Thanks for the report. We’ll be rolling out a fix for Magic Mice in the coming weeks.


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Hello! For about the past month or two (since ROBLOX Launched the new trackpad features on mac) I’ve had an issue with zooming in/out using my mouse’s scroll wheel. Currently when I use my scroll wheel, my camera pans up or down.

Computer Specs:
I recently updated my computer to macOS Catalina from Mojave. I experienced this bug on both softwares.

I am using a wireless, bluetooth mouse sold by Logitech called the MX Master 2S.

I discovered that using a wired mouse with my computer behaved as expected: Using the scroll wheel zoomed the camera in/out. However when I went back to my wireless mac, and it immediately went back to panning.

I experience this in every game on the ROBLOX Client. When I utilize Roblox Studio however, the behavior is expected and my scroll wheel zooms the camera in/out.

Other users in the trackpad gestures announcement thread have experienced this issue with Apple’s Magic Mouse as well.


This is happening to me now. Using a Logitech g502 with sideways scrolling


It’s been a while but the issue still hasn’t been resolved (perhaps it has returned). Scrolling in-game still continues to pan my camera and today I’ve witnessed other players saying something similar about scrolling.


Is there any update on when this will be fixed? To this day I still experience the issue and it is incredibly inconvenient.

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@subcritical Please fix this It is super hard to develop/play with a magic mouse because of this bug.

@Subcritical_alt I’m sorry for bothering you but this bug still hasn’t been fixed or mentioned and it is insanely annoying.

Wrong @subcritical :D


This issue still hasn’t been resolved. Using a M1 Macbook Pro with a MX Master mouse and the camera pans vertically when trying to scroll in and out. This issue is not present in studio or when play-testing, only in the Roblox player.


Still an issue with the MX Master series on mac, anyone found any work arounds for this problem?