2D UI Configuration System

This is a system that I was working on for some time in the summer that I put lots of work into and it definitely gave me a major confidence boost, and feeling of achievement after seeing @gs_ck do something similar. I thought it was so cool so I gave it a try and after some time I was able to make a working mockup. I don’t often see something like it on roblox so I thought i’d share.


It has the ability to search for preset instances for lighting control, and it has the ability to pick them up and resize / move them around.



Here is a pic of a full page : https://gyazo.com/5a843d8b9ca79debe10efee6228a31a3

thought it was kind of neat to have the ability to make your own gui layouts, you can really tailor the interface to your immediate needs for whatever you are doing.


This is gonna help a lot of people! I think you did a great job making this!

Really appreciate it i plan to make some sort of tutorial for a simplified version of this for multi purpose use for game development or whatbeit the coming weeks :slight_smile:

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I will be posting some documentation and stuff for developers who want to learn how to make something like this ina week or two, been busy with commission.

This honestly is amazing, it really reminds me of this app I have on my computer called Fences, where you drag and create a box/folder to organize your desktop.

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Thank you!!! Hopefully when I do release a tutorial in the coming weeks that it will help many people make this for multiple applications. I was trying to recreate a software that is used for lighting. But I think this has practical applications in many different areas where there are complex control interfaces, so users can simply make their own control interface on the go.

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