2FA via Security Key - Now Available on the Roblox iOS App

Hey Developers,

As part of our ongoing work towards securing your account, we are happy to announce that security keys are now supported on the Roblox app for iOS 15+. You can add security keys in Account Settings and use them as an additional 2-Step Verification method to keep your account extra safe.

For more information on security keys as a 2-Step Verification method, see 2FA via Security Keys - Now Available on Web Browsers.

How to add a Security Key in the iOS app:

Go to Account Settings → Security and click Manage → Add Another Key. If you have no existing keys, there will be a toggle instead.

You’ll need to have Authenticator 2-Step Verification enabled and either a hardware key or another device with a camera that can scan a QR code.

Follow the prompts to add a physical security key or use a passkey with another device.

Name your key. Done!!

Now whenever the 2-Step Verification window appears you can click Verify and follow the prompts to use your new security key.

We hope to continue to add security key support to more platforms throughout the year.



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Will this eventually come to Android devices such as Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy products? It’d be cool to see this!


Will android support come soon?


Just incase the first two messages got missed; when will Android come?? :slight_smile:


I feel like restricting it to iOS makes the feature only available to a small amount of people who are willing to buy a expensive phone. I hope you bring this to other devices like Android in the near future aswell.


They added security keys for desktop users first, now for iOS. They probably will work for Android devices eventually. After all this is a security feature so at some point it will probably be available for everyone.


No, they’re going to keep it iOS forever to help Tim Apple sell more Apple Pads. Of course it’s going to be released to Android at some point in the future. Three separate posts are not required to ask for the when. Platforms have different APIs and implementations of webauthn.

@purestomper - Will 2FA via Security Key work on iOS browsers (i.e. Safari, and other webkit browsers like Chrome/Firefox for iOS) in the same way? I’m assuming so since this is ultimately native functionality but wanted to check.


Yep, we plan on adding support for other platforms including Android in the near future.


There are some slight UI differences with how/what Safari prompts you with but you can still use/add security keys on iOS browsers (even before this feature!)


For some reason it is only letting me use a hardware security key and not my iPhone as one? Am I missing something?

(I am on iOS 16.3.1)


This is great. Security’s getting way better on ROBLOX.

Imho, it’s worth pushing some information about this to the home page.

It’s not typically developers that suffer from account loss, because they can read posts like this. Users with originally weak passwords do, instead.

Validating a user’s password strength on signup and simplified information on multi-factor authentication on the home page is the next big step.


Even the strongest password is not going to prevent the user from entering it on a free Robux website.
Also I don’t get how a strong password is going to improve account security on a website where bruteforce attacks are irrelevant anyway?


That was more a supplementary point.

Better to have multiple layers of strong security, rather than put all your eggs in one basket.

Last time I checked, it was possible to automate a brute-force via an API over X amount of time. Rate limiting and captchas considered.


Could you define “throughout the year” more specifically possibly? Don’t think Andorid users for example (like myself) would want to wait numerous months for a feature already on iOS and Desktop. Not rushing but I just hope it’s released as soon as possible.


I don’t understand why Android devices weren’t prioritized first for this update. Considering 80% of the market is Android dominated.


Its a great feature to implement to stop hackers from reaching your account, good job roblox!


In the US (Roblox’s largest market), Apple has a 55.79% market share of phones. Combined with the fact that implementing features is easier on iOS due to a limited number of devices and uniform software with many years of support. With Android you have to deal with every different variation of Android that manufactures create, a large range of software versions, some of which do not support security keys.

Essentially I think they did iOS first because it was easier to implement and would hit the largest share of their users with the least amount of time, compared to rolling out on Android first.

Source: US Smartphone Market Share [Updated Jan 2023] | Oberlo.


Android is a lot harder to develop, so that is why iOS support came first. Also, most Androids don’t even support Roblox, and this OS market is shared in not only phones but photo frames and projectors as well, along with multiple other devices because Android is open-sourced, iOS is not. iOS has the larger market share for mobile platforms.

It will come eventually.

But anyways, cool update, might make me buy a security key, because iOS wants me to buy 2 just to use 1… Might just stick to Passkeys for now tbh.

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Im hoping this will be available for not just Apple but for Androids too. A decent update for account security.

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