2nd (or more) Camera & Exporting place as image

Alright so, thanks to a friend, those two ideas just caught my attention. They’re not really related to each other, but I thought it’d be considered ‘spam’ if I made two topics for those two small suggestions.

Multiple Camera’s
This means that you can basically display camera’s on your screen (by use of a GUI.)
This could be handy for let’s say Escape the Prison with camera security, where the police can see the camera’s view being shown elsewhere on a surface GUI in some kind of computer screen.

Or another example could be having a dynamic 3D (mini)map, where you can see everything from above without making use of an image. All you’d have to do is make a ScreenGUI with a Frame, make some kind of camera in the air facing down, which moves with your character for example and script it together.

Exporting Place as Image
This could be useful for making maps too. And mostly that.

The idea is simple; make a button somewhere which allows you to export the place as image. Give it some options (e.g whether you want (specific) parts on it or whether you want Smooth Terrain on it or not.)
One thing would be that you’d need to think of the position of where this image is being made.

This could be done by making use of the camera as explained above. If you have other suggestions about that, please don’t be afraid to say! :slight_smile:


I would like both of these features.

Having a camera be displayed in a gui would be a really cool solution especially if you could disable the default screen render (kinda like how you can disable character spawning if you want perfect control). It would provide a whole bunch of possible features, including the in-game TV screen:

  • Split screen gaming
  • Providing a “player view” (like television picture-in-picture, if y’all remember that) when you’re spectating in a round-based game (so you can see when your buddy is jumping all over your character to get your attention).

I’m sure there exist other reasons to use such a feature, but I can’t come up with them. :slight_smile:
I do recognize that it would be a monumental task to implement, so would understand if it never was implemented. However, if it was decided split-screen was the next big thing, it would be nice to implement it in a way that provides a lot of flexibility to the programmer.

The exporting current camera as image would be sweet for building games where you store the build in datastores so you could add an appropriate icon for the build.

This seems more accessible implementation-wise,but it would probably require moderation for all created images, and would therefore place limits on how many images a place could export. One per 10 minutes per person would be enough for me. If players need more, they can export them manually.

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Last time I poked zeuxcg about multiple cameras, he said it would be really tough to do, since roblox has been developed with single camera in mind and several features are hardcoded that way.

But hey, better ask him about current situation. After all, we have VR and VR esentially depends on two views rendered per frame.

@Zeuxcg Any chance of render target textures?

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