Hi, In need of a scripter to script a map that I had built for me. The scripter needs to be advanced and requires a professional scripting history within Roblox. Drop your portfolios and discord and I will reach out if interested. Pay will be in robux and will be anything from 30k-100k depending on what we agree upon.

Here, If you need Scripter still Job as a Scripter - #27 by Th_Nub

Also, I will send you my scripts at 1st, if I do good after a few months I will then go onto studio and place my scripts in for you!

Very Interested, I would like at-least a description of what you want.
You can contact me via discord : ItsChoco#0902
This is my Portfolio.

Thanks for reading :smiley:

Hey, I am interested.

Discord: nick#2007

Portfolio: [OPEN] | nickglazed’s Portfolio | Scripting Portfolio

I am interested in knowing more about what I have to script, here is my Portfolio, my discord is xmaanzach#7617

Still looking, none of the aboves are really too satisfying.

Hello :wave:

I am very interested in this position.
You may find my portfolio here.

Discord: Jayy_N#0001

Can you atleast say what needs to be scripted.

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