3D Armor Resizing for r15 Character

I’ve successfully made an armor-welding script. The way I welded it was by creating a group and setting a primarypart that has the same dimensions as the players body parts. I then welded the actual armor parts to each corresponding primarypart.

The issue I’m having is figuring out how to go about making sure the armor parts actually fit based on the player’s r15 avatar scale.

Because I didn’t know where to begin with this, I’ve been trying looking for answers via DevForums or Youtube tutorials. Any suggestions on how to go about this would be great. Thanks!


I suggest making the scaling is set to that,

and go into your avatar

Now find your scale

then change the game settings.
Use YOURS, NOT mine.
and use a reemove package script like this

 while true do



 for i = 1, #c do


 for ii=1, #cc do

 if cc[ii].className=="CharacterMesh" then






I’m using the same way as you are for welding armor on the R15 character. My character is actually custom-made, so you can’t scale it in settings as SchwarzWalde mentioned above. Your story is completely different, so If I were you, I would set scaling to default ( it’s your choice how would all characters be scaled ).

I’ve actually asked about this question before, to not much avail. I’m still trying to figure out how it’s done but have been slow in my progress lately. One of my final ditch efforts is absolutely flipping out and turning literally every part into an accessory, haven’t attempted yet.

I use accessories while you weld models, but they’re relatively the same issue.


If I were to turn them into accessories, how would I position them correctly? Or would i just script the position of the root part to the players body part?

When I was converting a weld-based morph to accessories, I simply added attachments into the invisible limb copies and aligned them with a part on the Humanoid. All other parts were welded to that “middle” part and the piece root was welded to the character root via attachment alignment.