3D Clothing not appearing in Viewport Frame

Hello! I am having a weird problem with my viewport display, It shows the character and updates properly whenever any catalog item is tried on or removed, but whenever I try on any of the 3d clothing stuff, the display completely disappears and it shows literally nothing.
(Note: the 3d clothing is properly equipped on the player itself, it’s just the viewport display showing absolutely nothing)

So does anyone know If there is something special with 3d clothing that I need to add or enable? Or is it a Roblox engine bug (I can’t confirm it right now that’s why I’m posting here)?


Video for further explanation: 3D Clothing Bug - YouTube

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If this helps, this is the setup for the viewport.


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If any regular member is reading this, I will appreciate it If you can post this in #bug-reports:catalog-asset-bugs :ok_hand:


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Just found this topic and I’ve run into the same issues… Still no solution to this?

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