3D Layered Clothing is Now Available!

Really well done! How long did you spend making them?


Also,Why didn’t they release the animalistic rthro packages?

There was a crocodile,a fish-like creature and a elf animal-like creature with horns and green eyes. (i noticed they have breasts like that of male human and a tummy that might make them chubby.)

Is it because of the intial poor reception of Rthro when it was first released or they are being used for testing layered clothing?


It’s also worth noting that the HSR tech also chops off wings improperly at the moment, even for clothing pieces that have updated HSR data:


I filed a bug report regarding clothing wrapping : Layered Clothing does not wrap properly for some avatar bodies


I have layered clothing enabled on a game and the character shadow look’s inaccurate https://gyazo.com/751846f7435cec8b3738e9324d2792c3
Is this a known issue or bug or could I get any information of it?


Hey for some reason my Rthro Character shrinks when layered clothes are equipped to it. Here is a video:

robloxapp-20211121-2320037.wmv (2.2 MB)

Also as you can see it messes with the neck and torso of the rig as well .

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!


@mrkbx thanks for sharing.

@V4_Ap3Dud3 I believe this is due to Skinning v2 related issue and not related to Layered Clothing. Could you please follow up with @mrkbx?


@FinlandGotTalent Thanks for reporting. We are looking into the shadows issue.


@phoca This is awesome! Can’t wait to see these in game!


Sure thing @mrkbx I will send a message


@Bitterman1021 will reach out in a private message, thank you!


This hair does not work in this body, is it a bug?
I have enabled layered clothing in starter player and beta feature’s


Posting here for additional visibility. We currently have two controls for LC as it is still in beta.

  1. In Studio there is LC beta features in the beta menu, it needs to be enabled to use LC in Studio. It is important to note that this would make your place support LC when running on the client, there is another step that need to be taken for -
  2. Select the StarterPlayer in the explorer and make sure that LoadCharacterLayererClothing is set to Enabled. Without this the published version of the game would not support layered clothing, and the visuals may not be what is expected. See image below

It is a bit more confusing right now as the feature is still in beta and need to be set as opt-in. It will be less confusing as soon as we move out of beta.

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we finish a few left over bits and bobs with LC!


Enable the beta feature in Roblox Studio settings.


that was rude
you should give people the right to voice their opinion without interference

I support layered clothing
I don’t support facial animations, they’re embarrassing to this platform metaverse

that avatar’s a bit weird

What would you say if I did the same thing?
Think about it for a second.
Maybe you’ll realize something.
And maybe you could take off your rose-tinted glasses for a second.


Honestly, I don’t think it was rude at all, There are developers on the platform who have waited years for these features to come to the platform and now they finally have/are.

If you do not like what Roblox is releasing simply log out of Roblox and don’t log back in.
I can’t fathom just how hard it is for people to accept change. Cancel culture gonna come after me for this but you can accept gays, transgenders, LGBTQ / +, and whatever 500 genders people have created but you can’t accept the change of Roblox expanding their platform for both players and developers for the greater good?

Ever since the release of skinned mesh / deformable joints on Roblox they’ve released nothing but good updates (maybe a few small bad choices but in the end they were great) Voicechat Included, people may be using it incorrectly but the overall concept of allowing users to speak with their voices instead of chat is a good change.

I don’t dislike people who aren’t accepting these new changes I’m simply disappointed people are trying to hold back Roblox’s potential simply because you think it looks “uncanny” or “too realistic for Roblox”, Congratulations people times change. This isn’t 2015 Roblox anymore we are practically a month away from 2022, It’s insane Roblox has come this far and if you compare it to other platforms Roblox is extremely behind on built-in features so this is another update that will push Roblox closer to other game engines.

tl;dr - deal with it


Wow, this is great! Roblox is finally starting to get on the level of/surpass the source 1 engine! Lol but seriously, why are people bringing up “Roblox’s art style” anymore? It really doesn’t have a set art style, (the upcoming material update seems to be adding the ability to make custom materials). Roblox hasn’t had a set art style for a while. And why is art style being used as an argument against general technical improvements?


Art style as a Roblox argument is flawed. It’s only applied to rant about Roblox avatars, not really for anything else. You don’t see anyone rant about Hellreaver being “too realistic for Roblox”, only when one wants to bash Rthro against a concrete wall for the seventeenth time.

Yes, there’s a major difference in terms of quality, but I’d rather just say “I don’t like this feature’s appearance” unless you hate all Roblox experiences that aren’t 2015-17 styled or stud-based.

Besides, Roblox hasn’t had set style for years now. There’s a whole variety of game artstyles for a while - Low poly, High poly, neoclassicism (I coined that term recently, basically using surfaces like studs and universals but renamed so it sounds cooler lol), Gui-based, photorealism, I can go on.


i think its because you aren’t using the new version of things and you are using that old studio un updated version


So, as I understand it, we should be able to add clothing over clothing. Has anyone tried this yet?

I should have something by tonight, but looking for inspiration.