3D Layered Clothing is Now Available!

well done, that looks amazing. i can’t wait for them to release ugc for it


I’m having a tough time getting the cages to load. There seems to be something weird going on with cage vertices.

And here’s the issue: There are only 782 vertices. I have no idea what is being counted and the cages are copies of each other.

There aren’t 3k vertices in the entire model…


maybe, you could simply allow developers to voice their concerns.
this forum is a place for discussion, a place to meet other developers with other like-minded people.
this forum is not for telling other people to shut up and leave because their opinions dont match up with your perfect beautiful ideation

isn’t freedom of speech beautiful


I can see how this could change the platform its just annoying people are acting like them leaving is going to put roblox out of business, this is a new feature that is beneficial to both roblox and developers and the fact some users are against this just cause it isn’t their style is stupid.

Layered clothing is an extremely powerful feature for roblox and your basically telling the people working on this feature that it’s useless and they should just stop working on it.


wait a second
i never said anything about layered clothing being bad
i have no wish to be involved in this matter, so please don’t drag me in
all i ever meant, then and now, was that this forum was for discussion, not useless bickering. I said that people should be allowed to voice their concerns without disruption

You should let other people voice their concerns without interference

How does that relate to this meaningless argument about the new update?

I support layered clothing

Ok, that was an opinion
there’s still no point to make a big deal about it



its winter… time to layer up

bunching up at the sleeves, doesnt look realistic like that.

i guess the clipping technology is a bit bugged there, and the buttons are distorted

its a nice update though, what will the price be for these items?


I know the original post says “any avatar” but I have questions if this is going to work on custom avatars.

  • Accessories have 8 specific locations. It is unclear that these locations are defined for anything but marketplace R15 models. This looks like a complete non-starter for S15 and S1, let alone, for example, a horse.
  • The wrap layer has an outside, which suggests you should be able to wrap around a wrap. I don’t see how this could even work with an accessory system. Accessories don’t have their own accessories. How do you identify which layer is on top?
  • The description of the technology is that the layered clothing uses UV mapping for placement. It really feels there is a missing command or two… “wrap this mesh around that mesh.” Why does this need accessories at all?

And for reference, three layers of armor. I would love to be able to pick and choose partial armor sets to increase the player options in my game. I can do it without layered clothing, but then I am stuck with one body type.

I could make my avatar S1 compatible, but even then, I don’t think accessories would work.



So, they probably gonna release the full 3D layere clothing in May 2022.


People still think 2d 8 bit games are better than modern games due to their simplicity. Deltarune is a great example, and yet the game isn’t as technologically advanced as some triple A FPS churned out by some massive corporation with “better tech” and “improved quality”.

Also, I don’t feel sticking with a classic style would hurt or “hold back” this platform, people can use R6 if they want to and can do exactly what you said just now with, y’know, base R6, something proven to have worked since 2006 onwards. R6 has been reliable since 2006, but you know what people have been finding issues with since it’s release? R15 and rthro. From the seams literally everywhere on R15 to rthro looking genuinely creepy at points and just not fitting with the general ROBLOX feel everyone has known and loved for what feels like an eternity. So no, it’s not me who has to take off my rose-tinted glasses, it’s you who can’t seem to see any possible downsides in your “better” updates and “improvements” to the platform that everyone should be “forced to use since it is the only way to advance the platform”. Stop being full of crap, take a step back from your pc and walk outside to touch some grass man.


doesn’t stop rthro from being uncanny as hell, please god if you want to do more rthro roblox just make it look less like half the characters want to eat my lego man.


I don’t understand why so many people think R15 > R6 and people should port their R6 stuff to R15, there are so many problems with R15 like the seams and just everything that makes it look simply worse. Also it is unoptimized and buggy as hell, so yeah imma stick with R6 until the day it is removed (which I hope is not any time soon)


Here we go again. Another person who either didn’t bother to read, or didn’t bother to take the time and actually understand what I said. :expressionless:

As it turns out, when there’s more things that can go wrong (i.e. looking uncanny), there’s a higher bar that needs to be met in order to make things go right. But the end result is a higher quality final product. And REGARDLESS, if Rthro looks uncanny, that’s a problem with the art assets, NOT the technology behind it. It can be fixed with better animations, textures, models, and whatnot. Arguing that you won’t use better technology because of the default art assets provided to you is just you grasping at straws.

This is completely irrelevant and thoroughly misrepresents my previous statements.

I never said, or even IMPLIED, either of these things. Stop putting words in my mouth.

There are plenty of custom-made rigs that don’t have seams. You’re using this simply to argue, but the point is moot.

This is an opinion, not an argument. Learn the difference.

If you’ve found bugs with R15 avatars, feel free to report them right here on this very forum, instead of complaining about it in a separate post where no engineer will ever see it.

And ONCE AGAIN, I’m going to make myself CRYSTAL. CLEAR. I have ZERO ISSUE with ANYBODY using R6 in ANY of their games in ANY capacity they so choose. If you WANT to use outdated technology, then be my guest. What I’m NOT alright with is those same people complaining that their outdated technology doesn’t get the same features that the new technology gets.


Have I finally made myself clear? Good lord.


So as it turns out the accessories system is completely arbitrary. As long as you have an attachment somewhere in the avatar with a matching name to the attachment in your accessory, the accessory can be added to that avatar.

If you place an attachment in the avatar’s right knee named RightKneeAttachment and had an attachment in your accessory that is also named RightKneeAttachment, then upon calling Humanoid:AddAccessory(accessory), accessory will be mounted to the knee.


Doom eternal is definitely better than undertale and deltarune, with its god tier fun-zone. Oh, and little big planet 2 is easily was better than deltarune, with all the stuff you can do. Are either as emotionally deep? Not really, but the gameplay is way better.

And no, sticking to a classic style WOULD be a detriment. There would be way less variety, less creativity, etc. People get to choose art styles, gameplay styles, etc. (Also I don’t think Roblox would be this popular if it stuck to the og style.)

Also R15 is DEFINITELY better than r6, with its higher expressiveness. You want cartoony? R15 is basically a must. Realism’s your thing? R15 is a must. And honestly, the seams really aren’t that bad.

Rthro, it has some poor art assets, but the technology is amazing. Free scaling is really helpful!


Thanks! You give me hope that I can make this work. I use a custom avatar (S1"ish," with 30+ bones)

I still have not had a successful import of a layered clothing (weird triangle counts mentioned earleir), but I did try to bypass that and enter the meshIDs manually. I also tried an arbitrary attachment, to no avail. The documentation for accessories is … not helpful.

There’s still too much not working for me to pinpoint the actual problem.


Yeah, the accessory system is basically one big syntactic sugar for “positioning a part relative to another and welding them together”. It’s really weird.


And the layered clothing system doesn’t need any of that. Just point at a part, match UV coordinates, and stretch. I’m confused by the added complexity of accessories.


The textured clothing on roblox currently always felt awkward for me. It’s like wearing painted on clothes.


Well layered clothing items are accessories. You can think of it as a sort of “accessories+” where the “+” is that it will deform to match the rig it’s on.

Also to answer your earlier question: I believe the layering order is determined by the AccessoryType property of the given Accessory. I could be totally wrong on this, though.


Hello, does anyone know if this works with motor6d custom rigs?