3D Modeler for a Dirt Bike [Negotiable]

I’m looking for a 3D Modeler who can work on making a dirt bike. There are a few specifications to this project however, as I’m adapting the BMX Bike used here. So, the BMX Bike is split into a few key parts.

These parts are as follows:

  • Wheel (Not including the spokes)
  • Frame (Red)
  • Seat (Black)
  • Handlebars (White)
  • Grips (Black)
  • Forks (Blue)

Honestly, the wheels currently are fine to me, however some pretty nice knobbys would be nice.
The grips are fine also.

For the new dirt bike, the Forks should be separate from the Handlebars, and the Front Fender should be sperate from both of those. The Frame should be replaced by all the meat of the bike. (Minus the engine/exhaust & seat)

I’d like the engine to be a separate piece from any other, as well as the seat.


I’m uncertain the payment, because I’m uncertain how much it’d take and what not. Let me know what you believe is a fair price.

Contact Information

Please just reply to this thread with any input or specifics interests into this project.


I would love to start working on vehicles and thing like that, I can meet low poly requirements, game ready, high poly, anything you fancy really.

Hope we can get to work :smiley:

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