3D Modeler for hire [Open]

CLOSED (I am retired, it will not let me edit the title sorry.)


I have been using blender for around two years now. I am a modeler who mainly specializes in weapons, specifically firearms, however I have experience with modeling SCPs as well. I spend up to 4-7+ hours on my models to make sure they are realistic and as good looking as possible.

Previous work/current work:
I am currently working for the SCPF known as site delta. I have made the majority of their guns including the M4, PPSH-41 and M249 shown in the category below (have not been added to the game yet). If wanted, I can do internals on weapons.

Newest models


Go to the SCP wiki to learn more about SCPs.

SCPs I have been working on.


The robot arm is a cancelled project of mine, it is riggable, but it would cause lag and a tough time for any developer shown. I wanted to see what I could do with making a humanoid.


This is a door with a key.

How it feels to chew 5 gum


The category below is showing off some older models. These models have obvious shading errors and terrible topology, but this is just to show the progress i’ve come from. Most of these pictures are grabbed from my Twitter.

In no way are these representatives of my current quality I produce. These are for comparison from a year ago to see my current progress in quality

Older models



I am available on the weekends and weekdays. I am more available on the weekends as opposed to the weekdays. I usually develop after 2 PM EST - 10 PM EST on the weekends. On the weekdays, after 2:45 PM EST is the earliest I can start, and 11 PM EST is the latest I can go to.


If taken 2-4 hours, 2k, Robux, 7 USD
If taken 4-6, 4k Robux, 14 USD
If taken 6-8, 6k Robux, 21 USD
Anything beyond this point will progress as the pattern above.


Discord is required.
Discord: kala#1348


Kala excels at modeling specifically with guns. I’ve worked with him for a little over 2 years now and he’s been without a doubt been one of the most loyal, reliable developers on my team.

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Really interested, I sent you a discord friend request!

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