[3D Modeler] Luka007's 3D Portfolio

About me

Hello, I’m Luka007!

I’m a hobbyist 3D Modeler and texture artist experienced in working with Blender, Roblox Studio and Substance Painter.

I enjoy creating realistic textures, though I’m no stranger to stylized work.
I am experienced in working with PBR and SurfaceAppearance and love putting as much detail as possible in my work, no matter how small.

So far I’ve worked for a variety of different people and on a number of different projects:

  • Contributions to the Roblox Imagination Challenge in the form of two UGC creations,
  • -Classics- owner, management duties + development since 2017,
  • Some other commissioned assets, found in the “One-shot” section of the portfolio.

I enjoy the fast-paced style of Roblox developing and will continue gaining new experiences as well as learning new things along the way.


I’ve omitted a fair amount of my earlier work to only showcase the best that I offer, if you’d like to see more work feel free to visit my Twitter account @0luka07.

UGC Concepts
All of the concepts listed below are within the set UGC limits, ready for import and sale.

UFO Trendy Hat

1194 Verts, 2165 Tris
4x Alien faction variations

Cute Guitar Axe

Collaboration with Roblox user Bacon_Laser, they made the stickers seen on the guitar body’s left side.

1198 Verts, 2017 Tris

Clock Eyepatch

1200 Verts, 2137 Tris

Coak of Shadows

1192 Verts, 2320 Tris

Honeybee Goggles

1196 Verts, 2200 Tris

Steampunk Spider Arms

1154 Verts, 1972 Tris

Retro Weekend Set

Hat - 397 Verts, 790 Tris
Headphones - 508 Verts, 984 Tris
Bow tie - 420 Verts, 832 Tris

One texture per item, Retro Weekend colors sampled and used in a procedural pattern generated in Substance Painter.

Steampunk Goggles

1186 Verts, 2372 Tris

Futuristic Visor

578 Verts, 1128 Tris

Steampunk Honey Generator

Punk Witch Hat (Remade, August 2021)

1193 Verts, 2196 Tris
2x Color variations

Ice Cream Bowler

410 Verts, 790 Tris
5x Flavor variations

Technological Eye

813 Verts, 1427 Tris

Electric Horns

1200 Verts, 2452 Tris

Eye of The Cult

1197 Verts, 2326 Tris


1189 Verts, 2282 Tris

Endless Spiral Head

767 Verts, 1530 Tris

Personal Dancefloor

381 Verts, 592 Tris

UGC Imagination Challenge entries

Fossilized Skull Mask

Floral Trendy Hat

Commissioned work - Star Creators
All of the UGC creations listed below are within limits and uploaded to the catalog.

Rhythm Gamer Pal, for Star Creator OminousNebula

Item link, 1172 Verts, 2145 Tris + 256x texture.

Black Kitten Beanie, for Star Creator Rektway

Item link, 1199 Verts, 2382 Tris + 256x texture.

Butterfly Crown, for Star Creator Rektway

Item link, 1184 Verts, 2084 Tris + 256x texture.

Black Trendy Kitten Beanie, for Star Creator Rektway

Item link, 1199 Verts, 2086 Tris + 256x texture.

Fire Emoji Necklace (Gold), for Star Creator LeArmenti (+4 Recolors)

Item link, 637 Verts, 1266 Tris + 256x texture.

Commissioned work - Triple A Batteries
All of the weapons below are textured in 512x PBR, done for project EREBUS by Triple A Batteries on Roblox.

Bladed Weapons

! - Most of these were made during January of 2021, so render quality may be inconsistent between later items.

One Handed

Two Handed

Blunt Weapons

! - Most of these were made during January of 2021, so render quality may be inconsistent between later items.

One Handed

Two Handed

Materials + Explosives

February 2021 for the materials, late March for the explosives.

Japanese weapon pack

Commissioned in May 2021, includes nunchucks, naginata, shuriken and tetsubo weapons.
Nunchucks are rigged to be animated by other team members.


Client requested the chainsaw model without the chain, beams will be used ingame:

Image captured ingame due to the usage of the Neon material alongside PBR for a glow effect.

Weapons used by the “Phalanx Unit” in the project:


Commissioned work - RIVERSTYX
All of the assets below are textured in 512x PBR, done for BANLANDS by RIVERSTYX on Roblox.

Melee weapons pack 1

Created in July 2021, all of the items are below 1500 verts and 2000 tri (Or even less than 500v 1000tri, depending on the detail needed on the weapon).

Alongside the models I’ve also done renders of the weapons for use as icons:

Melee weapons pack 2

Created during October - November 2021.

*Source art by Moniek Schilder on Artstation

Commissioned work - ???
Commissioner asked to remain anonymous, simple low poly furniture items created during November 2021 - Present

Low poly furniture items

Created in mid November 2021

Created in late November 2021

Commissioned work - One-shot
Commissions for various clients at various specs (size, pbr etc.)

Tower Defense Simulator zombie faces, for user BelowNatural

In collaboration with Roblox user arachnidsGrlp, they’ve done the art and I’ve done baking + small edits.
512x Decals done for the game Tower Defense Simulator.

Gem Scythe, for user EthoSSS

Unofficial name, done as requested for user EthoSSS. 512x Basecolor texture.

Helmet and gas mask texture, for user sk1ppp3y

Two meshes with two 512x PBR textures.
Done as a collab with the aforementioned Roblox user, they’ve done the mesh.

Character tail, for user LuraCola

Done as a commission for user LuraCola, 512x Basecolor texture is shown in the render, though there is also a PBR variant as well as 256x texture size versions.

Baked high poly mesh into low poly texture set, about 3.5k verts and 7k tri.

Other personal work

Leper Blade

512x PBR Texture set on a single material, inspired by the Leper class from Darkest Dungeon.

Vestal Mace

512x PBR Texture set on a single material, inspired by the Vestal class from Darkest Dungeon.

Toxic Waste Hammer

512x Baked textures spread across four materials.

Sweetheart's Mace

512x PBR Texture set on multiple materials, inspired by OMORI character Sweetheart.

Squid game guard helmet

256x texture with standard UGC specs, was a commission that never saw the light of the catalog.
Nonetheless, I’m still proud of the quality on the texture.

GFX, renders
Not too well versed in renders, but I find them pretty fun and could do some if needed.

302 Followers Celebration

Punk Witch clothing promo

I occasionally build using Roblox Studio, below are screenshots of a project I’m currently working on.

-Classics- Hangout

This hangout was created with a sort of new-classic style fusing material environments with plastic, studs and welds interior.
Of course, to pay homage to the old games, this place does contain recreations of classic models.

Special credits to Roblox users VoxelizedBells, TheUltraTeacup and other -Classics- staff members for pitching in with their model contributions.


Currently I’m closed for all types of work.


Prices are flexible and negotiable depending on asset complexity and workload, my preferred method of payment is USD/EUR via paypal, but robux and percentages are also a fair option.


You can contact me by sending a Twitter message to my account, @0luka07 or alternatively a PM on the Devforum.

Thank you for looking at my portfolio!


They look… AWESOME! You’re doing great!

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Worked for EREBUS when I was Project Manager, is currently working with me on a project with my group RIVERSTYX, and I have also commissioned other accessories from him.

Pricing is fair, quality is VERY high, and delivery speed is very good. I would recommend commissioning if you are looking for high quality assets at a good price.

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I was in a rush to get my UGC item made the last minute and Luka007 came in clutch and finished it within an hour! 12/10 would recommend! very epiC


Amazing works that have always been the best of quality! Commissioned a few times and all those times have always resulted with an amazing final product.
If you need someone to get you something done within a short amount of time with great results and decently priced, Luka007 is the guy!

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I wish I had known. It’s good Luka007 had you covered.

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You want high quality models that push what Roblox can do? Luka007’s vertex manipulation is top notch, and textures are pristine. Treat yourself and click on the UGC concept tabs!

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Luka has made me a UGC during the timeframe that he said he will, and he’s gotten it done pretty quickly.

Highly recommend commissioning him!

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This guy is very cool and awesome