3K on ADS per day and have gotten nowhere? What am I doing wrong?

Heya! I’m looking for general feedback on my game (Blox Royale) and how to better improve the new player experience and how to keep players in for longer and improve retention.

I have no idea what I am doing wrong, I advertise over 2K a day AND am on the RTHRO sort and still cant seem to go anywhere?




All feedback helps, thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey, I love the game! But since you asked I’m going to help on some things that maybe need changing;

  1. I played on mobile (I like to test on mobile to see if a game is compatible) and the tutorial text was out of the box and I couldn’t read half of it
  2. I feel like the tutorial needs a skip button, the game is quite simple and self explanatory to some people
  3. The archer towers felt way too op, no matter how many times I placed stuff to spam attack none of my characters would get near (this might be how it’s meant to be , if so sorry)
  4. Sometimes when placing my “balloon noob” one or two would fall to the floor and glitch so only about 2 would actually end up trying to attack the towers.

Regarding keeping players, I mean you have a level system, how about global leaderboards for players to compete? Levels, wins etc. Maybe add some more characters?

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Thanks, I’ll work some more on the tutorial and mobile UI.
The game can get somewhat complicated and I want to make sure everyone understands.
I’ll nerf the archer troop some more as well and I’ll try to fix the balloon noob glitch.

Leaderboards already do exist and there is over 40 troops to unlock.

Thanks for the feedback though!

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The only thing I found to be a little problem was the UI was a bit off when I first started, a simple plugin could fix this problem.

Otherwise great work, the players seemed to be really into the game!

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Thanks, UI is not my best area of work. Which UI where off?

Anything regarding first impressions also helps alot!

Sorry for the late response, the UI I was talking about was the intro. It didn’t cover the top bar so you could see over it. You could fix that by just making it bigger and/or removing the top bar, first impressions were really good and it looked clean!

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Still looking for feedback and first player experiences!

The ads are over exaggerated, there are certain things that you are not getting it;

  1. Game is not fun.
  2. Updating Big things (ex. Releasing big updates earlier than ever).
  3. Free models and YT’s scripts (ex. @Alvin_Blox scripts (Alvin blox is for beginners)).

Heres the thing, I don’t use free models or YT scripts.
And how is the game not fun?

This feels like Clash Royale by Supercell. You can download it rather play it in roblox.

And I understand what concept you wanted, but 1 or 2 battles and I go to another game.

What was the ads ctr? If it is anything lower than 1%-1.5% than that’s not very good.

Its around 0.7%, how can I make it higher??

I suggest making a whole new ad entirely.

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Yeah the ads are a problem.


This doesn’t attract me at all because it’s just a blurred background trying to reel users in with a redeemable code for a reward. It isn’t very attracting because nobody knows what the game is about. Maybe if you had a little render of an avatar on a part of your map doing what players are meant to do in your game that would help a lot.

I think there is some ambiguity here (are you referring to a redeemable code “block” or is the game called “Code Block”?). And it doesn’t really look interesting. I think if you unblur the background so it looks like a scene and actually made the guest shoot the red dude with the red dude making this face or similar:


it would make the ad a little more realistic

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Hey, I work part-time as a Marketing Consultant so I wanted to share some advice with you. I haven’t played your game so I’m going to talk purely about these ads you’ve placed.

  1. How much money you spend on ads is irrelevant (to an extent) if the ad itself won’t ‘work’. Spending money increases your reach (how many people see the ad) not the engagement (who actually clicks).
  2. You’re advertising to a random demographic, that is to say that who will see your ad is anyone on the platform. So they won’t be predisposed to your game, or know what it is. Your ad needs to real them in (engagement)
  3. The ads say nothing useful. The only thing I like is the symmetry with the name “Blocks” and the block themed Typeface. Keep this when you redesign
  4. Your ads instead need to explain the game without being wordy and be eye-catching. Think about what you game is with keywords, then try to design and ad around those words.
  5. You’ve blurred out the background for artistic effect but in reality the ads have lost all meaning. I can’t tell what you’re advertising anymore than if I hadn’t seen the ad.

I hope this helps you a bit, but my advice condenses to “you need to redesign the ads”. Imagine you are a random person with no idea of the game, does the ad make you want to play the game instead of the thousands of others on Roblox. If the answer is no, then redesign you ad, if yes, I wish you good luck and you are ready to release your ad.

Have fun,


This means your game is at fault, there is no other possible explanation. Get feedback from the community of your game, friends, and devs.

I’ve gotten games on the front-page (No-Scope Sniping, Infinite Autocorrect, Pistol 1v1, What’s The Word) without a single sponsorship or advertisement. If the game is enjoyable enough and addicting, people will play. It only takes 1-5 people to start playing to get your game up there.

Also I’m not tryna brag about my games, sorry if it came across that way. I was hoping that providing recognizable examples would help paint a picture.


The question is WHAT EXACTLY, I have gotten alot of feedback but half of the player base are little kids who cant respond and leave within 30 seconds.

Plus a majority of the roblox community does not give advice when they play a game.

If you could give feedback that would be great.

The game in general when I played it like a month back just in general felt very rough and clunky, for example surface GUIs being used to show text on parts is very anaesthetically pleasing. The building also feels pretty low effort from a player perspective and the AI is Clunky.

In general you just need to give your game a lot smoother and more professional feel.