3rd party whitelist service?


I’ve been trying to find a way to make a whitelist for one of my games. However, it is really important that this is 3rd-party, so I and my co-workers can easily edit the whitelist.

I’ve been thinking about Google Sheets, but every Roblox - Google Sheets tutorial is outdated.

I’ve been also thinking about Trello, but I understand this shouldn’t be used as a database.

I searched the DevForum and Google for days and still couldn’t find one.

Any free service you know that can be used?

Hello @InfiniteBlackPIX ,
Although trello is not a good solution for a datastore, however that does not mean using it, imagine adonis using trello for store ban, and in any case it is used for many other similar things.

In My Opinion you could use trello without problem: You can get a New Trello API here

It’s also more easy to add collaborators unlike other systems

I use Google spreadsheets. It ez and simple

I’d use it too, but I couldn’t found any up-to-date tutorial on how to use it with Roblox.

Even if it’s not updated it still works. Maybe I have to make some tutorial on it.

You cant find a tutorial made this year, ofc it’ll have been made a few years ago. But it still works, try it out.