$48K/yr Salaried Scripter Position (CLOSED)

Full-time Salaried Scripter Needed:

Looking for an experienced, self starting and passionate scripter to come onto a ready to release project. This position is a full-time position for a game that is nearing release in the next 2-4 weeks.

Dreamland Studios

About Us

We’re Dreamland Studios, a small game development team trying to make the games of our dreams! We’re new to the Roblox space, but we’re passionate and excited to leave our mark. Our studio has decent funding and we’re looking to make some great games that everyone can enjoy!

The Team
@HolidayPwner - Environment Design
@nomer888 - Scripter
@zhillandru - UI
@Odd_s - Animation
@BSlickMusic - Sound Design
@TheMeganPlays - Producer
@AviatorGaming - Producer

Our newest project is near completion and should be released within the next month. This is the project our new scripter would be working on.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional scripter to come onto our nearly complete project to take over all scripting duties. From helping us prepare for launch, to helping post weekly content updates. You’d collaborate with modelers, builders and UI designers to help you accomplish your tasks.

Our game needs at least 4 new content updates completed per month. Our game will be releasing in Alpha within the next month. Then hopefully beta ready 6 weeks after that, with full release happening another 8 weeks after beta starts. From Alpha to full release we’d be looking to polish all existing features and add more game play and content.


We are paying $4,000 monthly. Our preferred payment method is Paypal. We will offer a contract for you to sign that will guarantee payment for the assets you’ve created.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/aviatorgaming
You must be 18 years or older to apply.

Thanks for your consideration! :slight_smile:


I am interested, but is there any pay for when someone starts working?

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Not discouraging you, but it is obvious that this is a very serious job, for someone with a lot experience. If you’re still at your first steps, I don’t recommend fetching for jobs until you’re able to acomplish them!


I’ve finished quite a few comissions thankyou very much :slight_smile:


I guess it sounds like however you take it. :slight_smile:


I also suggest you guys not be so quick to judge, I meant nothing rude by my question.


Hey, I can vouch for this guy having a lot of experience. He has done lots of commissions and worked in projects before.

@MainDirectory is someone you totally can’t miss out on!



This sounds really interesting and I’d love to hear more. If you could contact me with further details I’d appreciate it - I’ve sent you a DM with my contact details.



@MainDirectory is a pretty good scripter. I vouch he’s definitely determined especially when it comes to fixing bugs even after a commission is made. He is there to help and is an enjoyable person to talk to.


I also vouch for @MainDirectory. He is very good and quick.


I personally vouch for @Webmotion, great British chap.


Hey there! I am definitely interested in this opportunity. Please DM me on Discord at n_arc#6614 and I would be happy to show you my work! :grin:


I have sent you a message here on the forums. I look forward to hearing back from you.

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Hi, I’m interested but have some questions.

Content updates are usually new models, what exactly is considered a content in this case?
Is there a upfront payment or a possibility of weekly payment, 1 month is a lot of work for something you don’t know you’ll get paid for.
What are your expectations on daily work schedule (time wise)?
How would we sign a contract? Is it contract you sign online or an actual legal binding contract?

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Digital signatures are also legally binding. I would assume since this appears to be a legit position it’s a legally binding contract.

Although that does open the question to me why you pay via paypal and not ACH (Direct Deposit)? Is there any real reasoning? I highly suggest not using paypal if possible, they’re pretty known in the art community for screwing people over, and freezing accounts w/o a way to unlock them.


PayPal is quite useful when doing international transfers and the payment will be legally binding in a contract. Here is a recent example of said contract in writing:


Aires City agrees to pay Percy for every completed milestone approved by Aires City:

  • 20% on contract signed
  • 80% on services fulfilled
  • All amounts in this agreement are excluding VAT (value added tax). Percy will send invoices to receive payment(s) from Aires City, after which Aires City will make the payment via PayPal within 30 days of receiving an invoice. Percy will be responsible for all expenses made while performing the services under this agreement.

This included the use of a digital signature using Adobe Sign, which is an application that allows documents to be signed online.

Edit: I should note that their company is based in Argentina, which is why PayPal was useful in this instance.


I can vouch for @n_arc, I’ve worked with him and know he’s a hard worker and easy to work with. This is what he does and he’s experienced.

I’m a level designer who typically works for commission, btw. I’m on a team with him.


We’re flexible with payment, paypal is usually easier if the scripter is international. But we’re open to ACH as well. It just depends on that specific persons situation.


I can vouch for this guy, he’s done many awesome mini projects and they have turned out to work perfectly! He made a Minecraft procedural generation map and it was awesome, I think he’d be the perfect guy for the job for sure.


Sent in my resume through DevForum DMs.