5 Building Tips for New Developers

Hey developers! VeryRBLX here and I’ve been thinking of ways to help new developers or new builders in the community and so I figured I’d give some tips on how you could get into the groove of building or how to improve your building skills. That being said, if you have any questions, reply to this topic and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability.

Tip 1: Set your Studio theme to whatever pleases your eyes

With the recent updates the very hard workers at Roblox have shipped, we now have the option to use a Light or Dark theme on Studio. To change the theme, you click File, go to Settings all the way at the bottom, scroll a little down until you find General, then select UI Theme and pick Light or Dark.


Tip 2: Always have Snap to Grid enabled (unless you need to turn it off)

Snap to Grid is one of the most useful features in Studio for a builder. Using Snap to Grid makes parts, models, etc., move a certain amount of studs (measurement unit in Roblox). This is useful as it prevents offsets, a very annoying misalignment of parts. Turn it off at your own risk, fixing offsets are very annoying. Here are my Snap to Grid settings.


Tip 3: Use plugins if needed

Nobody is going to bite you for using plugins. Lots and lots of devs use plugins for their games too. They’re extremely helpful and speed up development.

Tip 4: Start with free models

When I started to develop, I started with free models. I’d take them apart and rearrange them in the way that I wanted it to look like. So if you want to experiment with your style, use free models.

Tip 5: Practice, practice, practice!

I cannot emphasize this enough, always practice. Building is pretty difficult to get into and often enough you’ll get discouraged. Practice makes perfect. Start small and go big. Go outside of your comfort zone. Always remember this, there is no success without struggle.

I started with this…

And now I can make stuff like this!

and now, stuff like this!

Never give up, keep working. It only gets better from the start.

UPDATE (3/2/2020): It’s been a long 1 1/2 years since I last updated this post with builds. The tips stay relatively the same regardless but I feel that I should show what I’ve worked on throughout this period of time.

I never commented on this but it really makes me glad that so many people found this post helpful in their development and I hope that this continues to help many more people.


This is really helpful man, thank you.


Glad to help


This will be very useful for me in the near future when I plan on learning how to properly build in studio, thank you very much!


So… Dark Theme, Snap to Grid, and mentioning to Practice a lot. Not much for a Building Tips thread if you ask me. We have a few Tips and Tricks threads already that total around 25+ tips.

Just saying. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Understandable, I’ll go ahead and add more.

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To add onto Tip #2:
Make sure if you use decimal increments, that those decimals consist out of 2^-n powers. So numbers such as 0.5 (2^-1) or 0.375 (= 0.25 + 0.125 = 2^-2 + 2^-3). Reason being that if you do this you get non-truncated decimals. Other grids such as 0.4 or 0.1 are rounded internally because of how binary works. I’ve seen a lot of people use increments of 0.1 or 0.05 which will eventually lead to small offsets on BaseParts overtime if you drag them around enough.


Really important tip, if you want to work with a Scripter.

Organize your workspace

Put stuff in Folders/Groups

Rename stuff so they make sense

“Learn how to Script a little bit” so you understand how Roblox Engine works and what you can do to optimize when Building.

Not to mention that you can Set up things for your Scripter to work on much much easier if you understand how stuff like this works.


Trust me your Scripter will love you!

You don’t want to scroll through thousands of parts in the workspace to find something.

How would you know which part is which if all of their Name is “Part”, yeah same for the Script.

Adding to #4

Get the RoDefender Plugin so that you can get rid of Viruses from Free Models

They aren’t really Viruses in my opinion because they don’t really do anything at all, but you should always get rid of Junk.

If you are Using F3x , man I have to say that I HATE that plugin. (No hate towards the Creator)

It creates unnecessary Welds, Block Meshes, Cylinder Meshes and more Useless stuff that just clogs up the games memory.

Like seriously I found 10k+ Manual Welds inside of Anchored Parts, 4k+ Cylinder Meshes in Parts and Block Meshes in Parts.

It’s ok if you want to use that Plugin but clean up the mess it makes.

  1. change how your ui loks like :slight_smile:
  2. draw the rest of the owl

Seems very basic, I have another tip:

Use SBS, it’s the best building plugin I’ve ever got.


Another tip: Start with the basics, such as a garage or a small house. Don’t give up because your first creations looks “terrible”, it’s just practice!


Proportions is something that a lot of new builders mess up, using a player model as a scale will give you a better idea of how big or small some things need to be. Especially furniture, doors and windows.

(Also use CmdUtl)


I personally don’t like to use F3X, it just doesn’t suit my needs. I build the old fashioned way.


Same here, I can’t stand F3X.


Nice article but I feel like referencing the EBR plugin and (possibly) @Ravenshield ‘s video would have made it even better! https://www.roblox.com/library/260276858/Studio-Build-Suite


Thank you for the tips, I’m currently trying to build airline assets. Like you said practice makes perfect. That’s very true because when you practice you usually learn something new.


Thank you for the tips, it’s really helpful.


Well, I’m not a new developer but I’m pretty sure for many people it helped and motivated. Still thank you for caring for others.

This is very useful for many Developers, I also made all the Tips you recommend, in addition to Accelerating your projects, it becomes easier for you to use Studio and Knowing how to create your Quality Projects.

I’m starting to use free buildings and modify them to match the game’s theme and credit the people for the original build, even though they don’t want credit. The reason I give credit to everyone is so that I can have more people at the credits page so it won’t be me all the time, as well as to fill the “special thanks” space!

It’s a nice trick, but I still have the sudden feeling that taking people’s builds and putting it in your game, even with credit, feels wrong to me…