5 Tricks to improve your UIs Part 2

Hello again! I decided to make a part 2 of 5 Tricks to improve your UI’s

Again, keep in mind I’m no UI god, I make mistakes and that this tutorial might have some problems
and i hope you find this useful

1. Don’t rely on dots in gallery sliders

Dots have poor usability because it’s hard to hit them.
They are completely unusable on mobile devices.
You have many other options.

You can display clickable parts of previous / next images

2. Indicate where the user is

Users should always know where they are at every moment they use your UI.
Highlight navigation buttons. Add breadcrumbs if your UI is complex.

Click me to learn more

3. Use only one primary button

One of the common mistakes is having too many primary buttons.
Instead, you should have one primary button, while other
buttons/links should be secondary.

4. Icon inconsistency

When you find some free icons on the web that belongs to
different packs, it might turn out that they have different styling.

  • Different stroke width
  • Filled / Outlined
  • Colored / Non-colored
  • Minimalistic / Complex

It’d be better, of course, to use a pack that has some consistent styling.
But if you download a single icon that doesn’t exist in your pack,
make sure it conforms to the styling you already have.

5. Give users a visual hint that there is more content

It is a pretty common trick to visually hint to users that there is
more content than they see at this moment.

That’s it

Thanks for reading! This is probably the last 5 tricks for a while, I will probably make a post about UI rules and all that other stuff


Some of this advice applies to web design as well.


I love this, I’ve already skimmed through the first part and I may have been doing things all wrong. I’ll have to use these rules when I make all my future UI designs.

Thank you, my good sir I will be very excited to see part 3 if you decide to make one!
Will definitely be sharing this around.

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Very smooth and based, great tips :+1:

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I love the 5 tricks to improve your UIs tutorials, and I really hope you can make more of these because these are very informative as someone who is pretty new to UI.


Hi, great tutorial! Do you also by any chance know what websites to use for icons?

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[Open source] Feather for Roblox | Plugin

All same Images just one is already uploaded.


I might use this for one of my games


Some of these advices apply to the Talent Hub as well lol. And THANK YOU for sharing this:


These are some amazing tips, thank you!

Do you have any icon packs from other sources that you use? Or any that you could recommend?
Thank you!


You can also take a look at FlatIcon a creator might have a similar theme to someone else that you also get Icons from.