5 Years Experienced Composer and SFX



Hello. I am offering my services as a composer. I have been doing music for 5 years and electronic music for 1 year. I have a mixing studio, use Logic Pro X, and multiple instruments along with a blue yeti mic. Those instruments are guitar, saxophone, piano, and flute. Music is my passion and I have the Fabfilter bundle and U-he bundle for mixing my songs.



THESE ARE NOT FREE TO USE. THERE ARE COMMISSION SONGS. (Some of them are not commission songs but most of them are, so just ask me first, ok? :wink: )


There are more but they are too big to upload. DM me if you want those. These SFX are free to use.


  • Any attempt at sending NSFW content will get you reported to the police (yes you can be arrested for this)
  • Doxxing/DDoSing will get you reported to the police.
  • Harassing me in DMs will get you a block and report.
  • Don’t try to negotiate prices unreasonably (saying “make me a full song for 10 robux”).
  • We only talk on Devforums (We can talk on Discord but I will give you my tag in DMs on Devforum.)

7 robux per second/420 robux per minute. 150 Robux Per SFX
I also accept payment in services (dev for my game). We can negotiate how much of the game you can do in exchange for the time the music is.

Thanks for reading! :sunglasses:


Wth raise prices lol
You could WITH EASE get at least 500 Robux per minute of music, at least!


I know but nobody commissions me when I raise prices. They refuse to pay me less than 1/10th of minimum wage. So I decided to lower my prices.

Commissioned and I’m glad to say that I’m very satisfied with what he cooked up.
Definitely recommend getting music tracks from him if you want great quality at a competitive price.

Show the guy some love yea?

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From one composer to another, you are very talented bro!

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AMAZING and talented composer, finished in 3 hours and I loved it! I suggest hiring him.

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Just commissioned @Logimite, and I can only say good things about his work ethic, music, and dedication. He completed two tracks in only around and hour and I 100% recommended him!

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I updated it with lots of new work.

I added a new song from all the commissions. Please ask me before using ANY song in your game because most of them are commissioned.

Nice, you EQed ur songs better

Yeah I recently purchased Ozone for mastering.

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you need to use an EQ to sweep around and look for the harsh tones of ur sounds to bring down their volumes.

Yes I know, but I am also producing a song outside of roblox.

I just bought a sound and I absolutely love it! I would definitely recommend you guys to order from him.

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Just uploaded a WHOLE LOT more songs from commisions.

Hey guys I added some SFX! You can hire me for those now.

Updated with a new payment method.

Hello, I am interested in ordering music for my obby. Here is my discord


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Ive been working with Logimite for a while and the experience was great. I got exactly what I wanted and received constant updates. Extremely professional, and a great guy to work with. I highly advise working with him!

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I’m very interested! Most likely I will purchase some sfx