[50+ Installs] EZ ToolBox Plugin - Sell Models for Robux & Free Great Assets

Introducing EZ ToolBox Plugin!


What is EZ ToolBox?

EZ ToolBox is a ToolBox with Free Great Assets by Modelers.

How do I Sell My Model and Earn Robux?

Just PM (Private Message me on the Devforum) With the Model and the gamepass/shirt id.
If you want to do Make a Model for free in the Plugin you could PM on the Devforum with the Model Only.

How much Does it Cost?

it’s free

How many Assets Does the plugin have?

Over 30 Assets.

How Do I Use it?

All you have to do is Press the Insert Button and it will Appear in Workspace!

Pictures of EZ ToolBox

Most of the Assets

Install the Plugin Here!


If you want to support the plugin development


this is so cool!!! 1 1!

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Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

Great plugin, more models are needed, how can we apply to give models?

I’m still thinking of a way but for now you can PM on devforum anytime :slight_smile: .

Once my game models are finalized I’ll see what I can give, maybe not the iconic ones but most of the generic ones yes

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Oh yeah, I remember this

Do the models have scripts or are they just basic

Just wondering, why are you asking this question?
Do you want a script to tween the models or what?
If so I can add tweens to it :slight_smile: .

and No, they don’t have any scripts they are completely safe and the plugin doesn’t require any script permission.

Also, there will be an update later today (if the modeler finishes the models)
with some new Models, ability to search, add all button…

They’re all ready except the models.

Im asking it because if it has scripts, then, if people submit models, they can hide backdoors, but since it doesnt, its protected

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Firstly, no one has submitted any models because I still didn’t think of a good idea how would I do it, When I make that, It will be reviewed by our team and no scripts will be added into the model.
So Don’t worry.

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Hello, Everybody I was thinking if a new way to make people able to sumbit their Model for either robux or free (if you want to sell it for robux you have to pay 10 robux fee, if it’s free you can put it in the plugin for free)(If you are willing to give it for free or robux Please send me a PM on the Devforum with the Model (and gamepass if you want to sell it) What do you think?

  • Note all the Models that will be sent will be reviewed by our team and it has to be at least basic to keep the EZ ToolBox plugin clean unlike the normal Roblox ToolBox.
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NEW Update Just Dropped
I wanna thank @IT1024 for making 2 Assets for people to use.

  • Send me a PM to sell your Model for robux (10 robux fee) if you want to put it in the model for free you don’t have to pay (Don’t forget to send me the Model and (if you want to sell it) gamepass id

  • Added Search Bar (The most needed thing in the Plugin lol it’s finally here)

  • Added 8 new Models

  • Added Egg and Pillar (Made by @IT1024, Thank you!)

  • Added 2 New Chests

  • Added a Duck (Chicken) by @Murzik360

  • Purchase the game pass to buy his Duck/Chicken here.
    Great Asset for farming games!
    Purchase Here

Install the EZ ToolBox Plugin

Support the Plugin Development

  • I’ve spent about 5K Robux for all of those asset in the plugin so it would mean a lot if you would donate to help me buy more assets to continue working on the plugin for you to have great assets to make your games easier to make.

  • Donate here (5 Robux)

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