The Leaderstats Plugin | EZ Leaderstats! [250+ installs!]

Introducing EZ Leaderstats Plugin!


What is EZ Leaderstats?

EZ Leaderstats plugin Creates Leaderstats for you with DataStore with just One Single Click!

How Many DataStores Does EZ Leaderstats Have?

EZ DataStore Plugin currently has 3 DataStores
Each DataStore has a Unique way of saving!

  • ProfileService (One of the Best DataStores on Roblox, Made by @loleris)
  • DataStore2 (Better Version of the Roblox DataStore, Made by @Kampfkarren)
  • DataStore (Roblox DataStore)

How much does it cost?

it’s free.

How do I use it?

it’s very simple to use just open the Plugin and you will see DataStore options, Just Press Create and it will appear in ServerScriptService!

Pictures of EZ Leaderstats


Install the Plugin Here!


If you want to support the plugin development

Other Project

Check out EZ ToolBox plugin, you can create models and sell it for robux there are also LOTS of free Great assets, Check it out here:



nice plugin :heart_eyes: but you can move it to community resources to make more find it :slight_smile:

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I already have one in Community resources, this one is for feedback only :slight_smile: .

oh sorry but the plugin is cool

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Looks like a neat plugin. Although it’s very easy to create a datastore/leaderstat yourself this can speed up the process.

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EZ Leaderstats Creates for you leaderstats with DataStore, DataStore2, ProfileService in a Second, instead of coding them for 5-30 minutes.
It helps with Saving time!


Creating a leaderstats does not 5 minutes or at least they should not. Leaderstats should only take 1-2 minutes max tbh. If it takes you 5-30 minutes then smthing is wrong with your coding practices to be quite honest.

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With DataStores it does especially ProfileService.

Should fix this issue:



Yeah I’m working on fixing this, for now you could scale the widget.

DataStores don’t take long to do?

Also why do you just do task.wait()? You should really loop through the players with the bind to close cuz if the server shuts down then bind to close is run. Even Roblox says you should loop through the players on there example.

Should be changed now.

Add buttons to change the type of a currency for example to make it StringValue BoolValue IntValue and so on

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Yes, for people like me who cant script at all
Thanks for making my life a little bit easier


lol i was literally making this haha

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You can also learn from it!

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Haha, This has been out for 25 Days!

Make a 900 robux donation :smiley:

Or I can just buy the 100 roblox donatio 9 times


Thank you so much once again :slight_smile:
That’s okay I’ll make a 900 one Thank you so much!
Here is it :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

Thank you!!! @4667hp

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I personally don’t need that type of plugin as I know how to make datastore on my own but it’s a great idea if you want to save time. Also I think it would be nice if you add a data editor. (It’s just an Idea but I guess it’s useful if you can create the data and change the data in one plugin)