[500K+] [HIRING] Graphic Designers: Weapon Skins, Clothes, 3D Modelers: Knives

Similar to Nikilis’ post I am looking for Graphic Designers to texture different skins for the base knife and the different unique ones available in the game. Also, looking for 3D modellers to create and texture unique knives by hand for the game.

Graphic Designer:

In the game you are able to unlock unique knife skins. These skins are 2D textures that are applied to the knife’s 3D model. You’d be using the default texture as a template to build off and create the skin.


Default skin;
Retextured Example:

The 2D texture will need to be uploaded as a decal, and applied to the knife’s mesh. You can texture the knife in anyway you please, but one way is to build off and use the knife’s default texture as a template for where everything will go and how it will look.

Now there are tons of different rarities in order of; Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Unique

Each rarity is based off; (Common-Legendary) How complicated or unique the texture is, the more simple the lower the rarity. (Unique) These are completely unique meshes and textures.

3D Modeler:

It is required that you can texture the 3D model you create.

I only have two specific knives that need to be created and textured in a very specific way and all details will be provided. Afterwards you may work on completely unique different knives of your own choosing, they must follow the size and theme of the others (examples will be provided). Following the theme and general look, the colors and design is truly up to you.

This is all meant to be an upgrade from the current items, so you may use the current ones as a reference but it’s expected for you to improve off of them. You are expected to make the skins yourself and by hand, that they flow and look good on the knife. The knives must not use or copy anything copyright and should be unique from others featured in different games. (Lower tiers may be a bit similar, but still be unique.)

This is commissioned work, and I am looking to get a few people to make a specified amount of each rarity and type within a given time-frame. There is no permanent position currently but if your work is exceptional it may be arranged. If any complications are to arise you are expected to reach out and let us know, so we can sort everything out.

Each skin is expected to take a different amount of work and time. Payment will be based on a combination of everything and what the specific rarity of the skin is will determine the initial payment amount. Everything will be agreed on an individual base and how you value your own work, this is especially for the 3D modeller. Payment is also only in Robux currently, and is through group payout.

These are base payments and are meant to build off and give you an initial idea of the work required per. It is expected the ending payment will be very different per knife and rarity, and is to be agreed on before-hand but may be upped further depending on the quality of the work.

Rarity - Payment.

Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Unique

Common: Starting: 500
These are meant to be the more simplistic and basic skins but still clean and good looking.

Uncommon: Starting: 750
Similar to the Common, but with more overall texture.

Rare: Starting: 1000
Have a lot more attractive look to the knife, with more design and color.

Legendary: Starting: 2500
These are the best skins, can be more simplistic or complicated, utilizes things like popular colors and designs.

Unique: Starting: 5000
These are completely unique knives, uses different meshes compared to the standard knife. Should look entirely unique and different compared to every other knife.

(As stated the amount of each knife and the payment per can be sorted out depending on your skill-set and what’s needed. 3D Modellers would be making Uniques specifically.)

If you are interested, you may DM me here on the forum or reply to this. Show examples of your work! Specifically looking for examples of weapons, do provide your available time frame and what you’re looking for in terms of payment and what you believe you can deliver.

Time frame; Today-End of June


Slight bump but adding on, I am of need of clothing designers as well. So if you are open for that please dm me with examples and we can move forward from there.

Regarding this post, you are not expected to make all the knives. Each knife will be it’s own commission and the pricing per knife will scale with the information provided in the post.