555 day response time - and counting

When you’re subject to devforum moderation, the recommended way to appeal is via the Support form ticket. I did as recommended and after 555 days, my ticket is still left without a response. What’s the point in appealing if staff don’t care to reply?

Why isn’t an appeal process or dialogue with the forum moderator who removed your content possible? If anything, discussing moderation action with the person who moderated you would be much more user-friendly since it is they who can elaborate as to the why question. Not a random support agent who knows jack.


It’s possible the ticket got lost in the system. I suggest making a new one if you are still experiencing problems.


But when should you know if it’s lost? After a week? After a month? After a year? After ten years? Who knows, maybe in 3 years from now they will respond.


I can only really suggest making a new ticket, or resubmitting ‍:/


I’d say after a week you could send another ticket

Surely roblox support wont take 10 years to respond

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they are probably playing hard to get…but honestly I wouldn’t bother because devforum moderation isn’t too bad as it doesnt really go against your roblox account


Actually, people have been banned on Roblox for things they have said on DevForum, but the only examples I know are things like talking abt illegal stuff and doing illegal stuff (hacking)


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xdxd, love roblox, good job roblox!
training the patience of your players!

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You are like leetle babby, watch this.

143 days since the last response in a ticket related to a LEGAL ISSUE. Bumped WEEKLY. Hit 21 weeks as of today.

At this point the only explanation is all 5 people on the support team must have genuine severe brain trauma or something along those lines, there’s no other explanation for why at least one human can’t respond within 21+ weeks to a legal matter of all things.

(The same legal matter that support knowingly told me to intentionally break the law in, but that’s another rant for another time)


yeah mate that sucks, for legal issues I wouldn’t go via the support channels. I’d contact a lawyer and get things done via them.


555 days? That’s like 1.5 years, and you joined at October 13th of this year


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Probably it is his alt. Some people create alts for DevForum.

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Yep, this is an alt. My main was banned.


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