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About me

Hi there! Im LuaBearyGood. Im a programmer, UI designer and game designer on Roblox. I have worked on many different projects including Lifting Titans, Blox royale and Submerged among others! I am constantly trying to improve my skills and make more innovative projects on the platform. If you wish to read more about me please check out my portfolio!

About the job

This is quite a strange job since It doesn’t require any specific dev skill, but more a very in depth understanding of language.

I am looking for someone to come up with the name of the creatures (and therefor part of the name) in my upcoming pokemon style game.

The name should roll off the tongue, be easy to remember and a good length (7-8 characters). It should also be the same in both singular and plural variations. Example:
:negative_squared_cross_mark: Loomian and Loomians
:white_check_mark:Pokemon and Pokemon


I will be paying 5,000R$ via gamepass to the person who DMs me the name I decide to use.

Contact me

To submit your ideas either tag me with them on my twitter or DM me them here on the developer forum, you can either submit a single idea or a list.

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