[100M+ visits] LuaBearyGood - Programmer, UI-Designer, Game designer

Heya, My name is LuaBearyGood, I’m 16 and I’m a programmer for several games across the platform, I have experience in Lua and Python in addition to several other fields such as UI-design and game design.

I have over 100 million combined place visits between the projects I have worked on, and have contributed to projects with over 200 million place visits.

School Qualifications

While I have the experience to back up my development capabilities (which in my opinion speaks much more then school grades) I have decided to list my official qualifications for the benefit of those that seek value in knowing them. I would note that I have yet to finish my education and still wish acquire more qualifications.

  • GCSE Information Technologies: Grade 9 (A**)
  • GCSE Business: Grade 9 (A**)
  • GCSE Higher Maths: Grade 9 (A**)
  • GCSE Further Maths: Grade 7 (A)
  • GCSE Computer Science: Grade 7 (A)
  • Biology: Grade 9 (A**)
  • Chemistry: Grade 9 (A**)
  • English Language: Grade 9 (A**)
  • English Literature: Grade 8 (A*)
  • Physics: Grade 8 (A*)
  • Geography: Grade 8 (A*)

I have been a programmer on Roblox for ~2 years now, working on many different aspects of both front end and backend, while I personally prefer working front end I would consider myself a full stack engineer and am perfectly capable of working on either front or backend.

Group 1
Group 2
Group 7
Group 8
Group 9

Game design is important to all games since a game can look and feel perfect, but if its not retaining the players and generating income then that effort is pointless, I have several years of experience in improving the game design of games and maximising player retention and revenue output.

Group 14
Group 16
Group 17

Group 15

While I wouldn’t really advertise myself as a UI designer I would consider myself fairly proficient in UI design and have worked across a range of styles; I’ll likely decline any job offers asking me to explicitly do UI however in combination with programming I may design + import it for you.

One thing that sets me apart from other UI designers on Roblox is I have expert knowledge on how to properly scale and animate UI, meaning all my UI scales perfectly across all devices and is compatible with all platforms.

UI-Design Examples

I am currently interested in taking on interesting projects which I feel will be worth my time, if you wish to ask for my services please contact me with a full description of the game idea, in addition to (if applicable) your prior experience on the platform / portfolio and what has been done so far on the game.

I prefer working on projects where all assets have been completed and I can just program without having to wait on others therefor it is essential that any project I am on has a strong and active project lead.

I only take percentage of revenue (equity) as payment and I do not require any form of downpayment / backup payment, if I choose to work on your project it is because it I strongly expect it to succeed and therefor a safety net is of not interest to me.

I like to keep my discord fairly organised therefor to shoot me an offer I would prefer you did so through one of these three social links, however of course if I am already friends with you on discord you are welcome to send me an offer there. Obviously I will add you on discord if I choose to work with you on a project.


I no longer take robux or USD as payment. Only accepting percents.


Hi are you avaible to be a programmer and designer for a simulator game ? Contact ZeXelDev#8308 pls


Looking for an investor, DM me if you’re willing to talk. Ivilliana#5412 discord


I have contact you, my user is iiSnowii#2282. Hope to hear more.

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This made me laugh for 10 miniutes straight. :laughing: :smile:

Also, may need an investor but thats if I throw all my money at other people instead of my games.


i am so glad i ran into your portfolio! my game really needs an investor because of the lack of funding. i sent you a dm on discord. i am phorba#8385 . i am looking super forward to doing business with you!

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I would like to contact you, but your Discord tag is not correct as of this moment. Have you changed it recently? If you could update it, would be helpful. My Discord is: Espelk#7058

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IN Desperate Need Of a Scripter I will Pay through Group Funds or USD or percents i have contacted you via discord at Fimlinz#4004

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Just sent you a friend request! We will talk on discord! thanks! Im rosscko btw!

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Interested. Added you, nash#6610.

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Hello there! Our game is looking for an investor. We are currently basically done with the models and almost done with the map and builds. Animations are being made as I am typing this. If you are interested in becoming an investor, please reply. Nevermind. I just saw you are closed :smile:


Been recently making a bit of UI which I think is decent, so thought id add that to my portfolio:

Also a reminder that I’m not for hire for any job. If i’m interested in a position then I will most likely come to you.


Trust worthy and a VERY reliable person to work wiht.
And great UIs my friend! :smiley:


You avaible to plan with me my game ?


Sorry, I don’t really take job offers atm due to the fact i’m mostly dedicated to my work with table flip studios, however I sometimes check #collaboration:recruitment and if I see something that really gets me excited then I may come to you.


Hey there, please remove the “Investor” part of your title since you cannot invest on the DevForum anymore, thanks!


One is not allowed to offer or request investments on the forum, however there is no discrimination against calling yourself an investor, and since its very clear i’m not for hire, I personally deem it to be following all guidelines.

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Since you’re not investing, there’s no point in having that in your title. It implies that you do invest (Even if you’re closed), so I would assume that people would ask you to invest. (I probably put way too much “invests” in this :man_shrugging:) you do you though!


A portfolio is a showcase of your skills as a developer, not necessarily your application form / reasons why people should hire you. I personally maintain this as a form of my skills and my projects which is perfectly within category guidelines.