$600 USD! - Hiring Vehicle Programmer, Programmer, Animator and Builder!


‣ Foreword

Greetings! My name is Articstxrdam - but I go by Nick for short. I’m “The Administrator” of ASCPF and Project Manager of our new site, Dimensional Containment Site - 115. We are currently looking for a set of people with specific skills to help us further expand DCS’s potential. We’ll be rebuilding all of the DCS assets from the ground up whilst keeping its original feel to make sure time wasn’t wasted designing old assets.

You may have seen one of these recruitment posts before! We are still looking for users in these positions & have decided to re-post this - we have also changed up the payment as well.

‣ What is ASCPF & DCS-115?

Here at Artic’s Special Containment Procedures Foundation, failure is not an option. We are a highly classified, secretive organization trusted by international governments with the task of protecting the entire solar system from the horrific anomalies which reside within ASCPF’s multitude of facilities. ASCPF will always be there, ready to Secure, Contain, and Protect even at the darkest of times.

Dimensional Containment Site - 115 is in an undisclosed location in the Alps, Switzerland. The exact coordinates or location of Dimensional Containment Site - 115 are completely unknown to the public, and only known by The Administrator himself. This containment facility is one of the largest facilities to ever be built, a near-total of █ sectors, and over ██ SCPs reside within the facility. With the sheer scale of what resides within the containment zones, the foundation uses the most advanced possible technology to ensure the containment of the SCPs.

‣ What sets Dimensional Containment Site - 115 apart from other sites?

DCS-115 has been in development for nearly an entire year and we’ve finally reached a point of stable development. Over this period we’ve been able to plan nearly 45 never-seen-before features for the game that’ll loop players in like a traditional game, making them want to play more and more.

We’ve also allocated nearly $600 USD towards an advertising plan with an estimated 2.5-4.5 million impressions. This is only for week 1 of advertising.

‣ Our Current Team

Project Management and Game Design:
@Articstxrdam - Project Manager & Game Designer
@ltsNeptune - Assistant Project Manager & Game Designer
@capspoping - Former Game Designer
@Shroomsher - Game Designer
@Musketfall - Game Designer

3D Modeling & Building:
@Musketfall - Head of the Building & 3D Modeling Team
@CouldBeYou - Builder
@MechanicalCore - 3D Modeler
@Shroomsher - 3D Modeler
@Q2SX - By-commission 3D Modeler
@Nikola_Dev - Weaponry 3D Modeler
@ltsNeptune - Former Builder

@CouldBeYou! - Programmer
@CouldBeYou! - Vehicle Programmer
@UnknownParabellum - Former Programmer

User Interface:
@ChiefWildin - UI/UX Designer

Terrain Design:

@CouldBeYou! - Animator

Cordis Deorum - Soundtrack & OST Composer

‣ Positions Open, Requirements, and Descriptions

Programmer (Open, 0/1 spot filled) -


Programmer, also relatively self-explanatory.
Requirements: Have used Lua or programmed on ROBLOX for at least 2 years. Knows the SCP Genre well, and can make reliable and efficient scripts. Must be able to script advanced systems (such as DataStores) and be able to take on large-scale projects.


Example of things that need to be scripted:
Advanced Medical System, User Interface programming (when complete), redoing old scripts or making them efficient to today’s standards, etc.

Vehicle Programmer (Open, 0/1 spot filled) -


Programmer, also relatively self-explanatory.
*Requirements: Have used Lua or programmed on ROBLOX for at least 2 years. Knows the SCP Genre well, and can make reliable and efficient scripts. Able to program vehicles such as: aircraft, humvees, cars, etc.

Example of things that need to be scripted:
Humvee, C-17, Fighter Jet

Animator (Open, 0/1 spot filled) -


Animator, self-explanatory.
Requirements: Knows the SCP Genre well and can make smooth animations.

Examples of things you’d have to be able to animate:
Humanoid-like SCPs, gun animations, walk, run, idle animations, etc.

Builder (Open, 0/1 spot filled) -


Builder, self-explanatory.
Requirements: Have used ROBLOX studio for at least 2 years, can build well in an industrial/SCP theme and detailed, can make efficient builds (low/no lag), and know the SCP genre well. Active and trustworthy.

Examples of things you’d have to be able to build:
Various containment chambers, hallways, stairwells, miniature props/details, large-scale rooms (as a team), doors, etc.

Additional Requirements (All Positions)

  • You must be at least 16 years old to apply for a role on our team!
  • You must know the SCP Genre well or at least have a general understanding of it.
  • Able to work with a developer agreement.
  • You must have decent English and grammatical skills.

‣ Payment

Payment here is half up-front, half upon completion for users that have made a name for themselves on the platform and can prove that they’re trustworthy.

‣ Payment Range

Programmer: $600 USD ($300 up front, $300 after) via PayPal.
Builder: $400 USD ($200 up front, $200 after) via PayPal.
Animator: $75 USD via PayPal.

‣ Contact
If you’re interested in joining the ASCPF development crew, please message me on the forum with a link to your portfolio or examples of your work. We will use Discord to communicate, however, I’ll only send friend requests to those who pass the “acceptance phase.” Thanks!


Edits to this post are usually fixes of stupid grammatical mistakes.


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