[$60,000-$75,000 USD] Supersocial is hiring a full-time Gameplay Programmer [CLOSED]

Supersocial is looking for a gameplay programmer to join the team and help us build our first game!

About Supersocial:

We’re a brand new indie game studio. We are forming a team to pursue a shared dream: create insanely fun games for Roblox! We love it here and are super excited to become part of the community.

Our group is a mix of seasoned Robloxians and some fresh faces. We’re looking for a full time gameplay programmer to join the development team and help build an awesome first game!

Are you in?

Who we are so far:
Our lead developer: @steadyon
Our creative director: @lululemondrops1
Our lead game designer: @mikelskipples
Our brilliant artists: @thinmintzzz and @bloxskellington
Our marketing wizard: @nikkowb
Me: @lordyonnerz
My co-founder: @metalverse

About our first game:

We already have a solid concept for a game we’re all extremely excited about. Without giving away too many spoilers… it’s a multiplayer RPG set in a haunted world. We’re building an exciting universe filled with beautiful areas to explore, engaging mechanics, and a strong emphasis on storytelling to tie it all together. You’ll love it, we just know it!

About your role:

You will be working full time as a gameplay programmer, involved in designing backend and frontend modular systems, across multiple codebases and universe places.

You will be:

  • Writing clean and maintainable Lua code for cross-platform games
  • Using version control through Rojo and Github to make sure our games are easily maintainable and run smoothly into the future.
  • Working within a designated time frame, following a feature roadmap, aimed at delivering quality efficiently
  • Using Jira to keep on top of tasks
  • Collaborating and taking part in discussions, providing valuable input as well as taking constructive feedback
  • Sharing learnings and supporting areas with key insights on the Roblox platform, from building a game to community interaction

What we consider are must haves for this role:

  • Great understanding of the Roblox API
  • Experience with creating and maintaining modular codebases
  • Ability to not only release a high quality game, but also maintain a game through patches, updates and bug fixes;
  • Entrepreneurial mindset: ability to operate in ambiguity and roll up your sleeves.

What would be nice to have for this role:

  • Experience using Github and Rojo for version control.
  • A polished past project which you have worked on as the independent developer or sole programmer.
  • Past experience of working in a team of programmers
  • Experience developing content across desktop and console platforms;
  • Experience using Jira for project management

What we offer:

Work from home or from anywhere! We have team members already in 3 different time zones working closely together with full transparency, efficiency and trust. We value our team members and believe each one has an important role in creating a unique, magical experience for our players! A strong and welcoming company culture: we love what we do and we love working together. You’ll love it too!


  • Base salary: $60,000-$75,000 USD / yr
  • Equity: stock in the company to make you feel like an owner, not an employee

How to apply:

You must be 18 years or older to apply. You will be given a contract to sign once accepted.

Send us an email to join@supersocialinc.com, with:

  • A copy of your resume/cv
  • Examples of playable game(s) you’ve worked on
  • Samples of your code (optional)

If you have any questions, please feel free to post here or DM me.

Visit us on supersocialinc.com for more openings and follow us on twitter @supersocialplay

Let’s build!


Hi! I’m SteadyOn, the Lead Developer at Supersocial. Super excited to see the responses and answer any questions about this role (feel free to @ or DM me!)


I would love to apply for this great opportunity, but the problem is I’m trying to join the Navy and won’t have the time coming up soon.

Best of luck finding someone, can’t wait to see where this goes!


Hi! I’m NikkoWB and looking forward to see the team grow! Happy to answer questions about our group!


Im not applying but hope your team gets big enough to be a popular game company or something else.


Thanks Xyptoc_y, we just want to make the most fun games that we possibly can. Can’t wait to get them out there so we can take on feedback and grow with you guys!



Are you guys perhaps looking for a translator?


not at this stage but thanks for reaching out!

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Would apply but I’m not over 18 :sob:


you should apply anyway so we can stay in touch there will be more opportunities!

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I am interested in working for it.


that’s awesome to hear! you should apply for the role!

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I sent my application, I look forward to seeing how this unfolds!


How exactly is payment going to work?


Fixed monthly payment at the end of each month through bank wire

Greetings! I would like to apply, but I could be a translator. I’m not over 18 or 18, but I’d love to work here. :slight_smile:

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You should apply and we’ll consider it for future roles

Your Roblox Profile shows awesome experience. Best of luck with the application, can’t wait to see how it pans out!

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I am a rather professional game deisgner/coder and have experience of making/coding games on Roblox for 5+ years now.
I would love to attend on joining to work with your awesome team!
Here is my portofolio for further more information about me and any creations/games ive made so far (since 2011)


That’s awesome thank you for sharing. Be great if you can apply for the role through our email, would you kind emailing to: join@supersocialinc.com?