[$60,000-$75,000 USD] Supersocial is hiring a full-time Gameplay Programmer [CLOSED]

Hi there!

I have applied through the email address provided. I look forward to hearing back :slight_smile:



HI, am a very experienced modeller and i would like to work for u please please message me on discord you would not regret it i have over 3 years of experience. Discord: TheBlackGOD#9843

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I was wondering, if you’re paying that much money per dev, is this money coming from your bank account or is this money you plan to gain from the game? RPGs probably won’t make nearly enough to cover even one dev’s payment.

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If you need a composer let me know. Music really ups the gameplay of RPGs.

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we have team members in Brazil, US and the UK.
wherever you are you’ll need a legal work permit already.

thanks for reaching out, best to ping us an email to join@supersocialinc.com

if you are interested in the role then best to apply through join@supersocialinc.com and we’ll be able to share more in the process

we’d love to get a sense of your work and style so please do send us something on join@supersocialinc.com

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