{71K+} Hiring developers for upcoming studio


About Us

Hey there, I’m currently hiring developers capable of doing hard work. Currently I just want to make a game of any kind, I’ve got plenty of ideas that’ll be money generators.

The Team
@vukangeneral2002 - Head of project/ Modeler
@username - Programmer
@username - Programmer
@username - Animator
@username - UI/GUI

Here’s my portfolio so you can actually see potential in this.

About The Job

We’ll discuss everything up on Discord. I’ll only accept developers who are 18+ and who have a nice portfolio.

This will be example of our style most possibly. So the game will be possibly low poly. We can discuss more about ideas.


Mainly looking for someone who can do percentage, so I can save up for adds.
I can of course pay as high as 71k robux as of now. Funds will be increased if I see more potential in game and.
I can pay only after someone finished his part of task.

Contact Us

Contact me on discord Vukan#3806


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