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7kayohArtist & Programmer

I am 7kayoh, a Japanese artist working on artistic works in both Roblox and in real life. I have worked on many Roblox games such as Frappé, Frizzed, etc. I am also a programmer proficient in Luau, Rust and Swift and do other things as well like CAD modelling, building.

In real life, I am a genga artist (keyframe artist) at a TV animation production studio in Japan and used to work at multiple game studios as a game artist and PM.

For more and detailed explanation of the design process of each work, please visit my website at https://7kayoh.net


My UI are done by me and my designer assistant. We adopt a professional development cycle from brainstorming/user research to iterative designs. This allows us to create the designated product in high quality and in an intuitive manner.

Design works

[Partial] Frappé V4 UI, ~2023

[Partial] Frappé V4 items menu design, ~2023

[Partial] Frappé symbols, ~2022-2023, collaborated with iyeco

Commander 5 UI concept ~2023

7kayoh/RobloxStudioIcons: Beautifully made icons for Roblox Studio (github.com)
Roblox Studio icons, ~2022

Burger Queen UI revamp, ~2022

My attempt to recreate the UI of Umamusume from Cygames ~2023

Look at this post for more details! :slight_smile:

Roblox Studio splash art concept art ~2022

A plugin I created to mock “Encourage Me” for fun ~2022


Frappé V4 Outside Cafe & Premium Lounge build

About this build, most are just reused assets (to save development cost), but I do have the ability to create those assets

Player list system made with Fusion, ~2022

Chat system, ~2020

There are more works, but listing too much isn’t ideal here.

Base rate & payment

Base rate

For any design work, a base rate of $70 USD (20K Robux) is charged per hour. Depending on the project’s complexity and the overall design process, an additional surcharge may be applied to the base rate to account for the extra work involved. After our initial discussion and analysis, I will provide you with a rate that reflects the scope of the project and takes your budget into consideration.

Please note that all of my design work is of the highest quality, regardless of any additional surcharges. The surcharge does not indicate superior quality; I treat every project with equal dedication.

The minimum commission fee per project is $280 USD (80K Robux).

Expedition fee

Depending on your project, you may be able to apply for an expedited service with a fee ranging from $100 to $300 USD (equivalent to 28.5K to 85.7K Robux). By paying this expedition fee, your project will be given higher priority. The availability of this expedited service depends heavily on the specifics of your project. For example, if your team is nearing a deadline to publish a game and an unexpected issue arises with your game’s current UI, this service could be particularly beneficial.

Payment methods

Robux Payment

If you decide to pay by purchasing marketplace items, the 30% marketplace fee must be covered by you or your party.

USD Payment (through Stripe)

This option is only available if you have a credit or debit card.

  • I will send you a payment link through Stripe where you can fill in your payment details. Stripe will then automatically charge your bank account. Please note that Stripe processing fees, card processor fees, taxes (i.e. VAT) and any FX fees (if applicable) will be covered by you or your party.

  • As mentioned, payments can only be made through Stripe. I do not accept wallet transfers like PayPal, as I do not have accounts with those services and will not create one.


Check my availability status first before contacting me!

Interested to create your next game with me? Contact me by using the contact methods below:

Email hello@7kayoh.net (FOR WORK ONLY)
Discord 7kayoh
Twitter @7kayoh
DevForum @7kayoh

Manami is a pretty advanced UI designer and her services are quick and her work is good looking. I can vouch Manami for her UI designing and programming.


Are the components in the guis created by you?

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Well made UI, I recommend her UI to you all!

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I love the modern style. I can tell that you are talented. Manami has great communication skills, and is a very kind person. I would love to see some more from you! It would be cool to see you develop some new styles of UI, such as a more cartoony aesthetic. I hope that you earn the commissions you deserve.


Yep, everything you see in the samples are made and scripted by me


Commissions is now opened, consider contacting me via email or discord if you are interested!

I can vouch Manami, very reliable and good at what she’s doing.

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Hey dude added you on discord. Have a very interresting job for you if your down, hit me up :slight_smile:

hey would you like a percentage? i can dm you info of our game. if you are interested add me on discord. phorba#8385

Sorry, I only accept robux.


  • Vouch

This designer was very fast with creation of the product, and very easy to come in contact with. They worked super compatible with me, and they were straight to work, with zero issues. They were friendly, and I really recommend.

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unknown (26)
New commissions, as well as new projects I’m working on.

Some UI I made when I’m bored


All orders starting today until 02/05/2020 will have 25% discount. Order quick, there’s limited order slots.

Sales has ended, yikes.

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Interesting, I may message you in the future if your services are still available

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Latest commissions


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Hey there, I sent you a friend request as I’m interested in working with you!

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Hey! Your discord tag appears to not work, but you can add mine at vay#1000

Hey, I’d really like to work with you but your discord tag doesn’t seem to work! I’d really appreciate if you could add me at Finbxb#4929
Great thanks

In love with your UI, please add me on Discord if you are still available (the one you have provided does not work).


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