Player List made w/ Fusion

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Recently, I’ve made a player list system with Fusion, a UI library for writing out declarative and stateful UI widgets.

It’s designed to be alike Roblox’s player list system, so players won’t feel it’s being out because it does not look “Roblox-like”. There are currently a few limitations though, such as player actions (click on a player > get a menu), leaderstats (current design not allowing it to be implemented nicely, WIP), as well as displaying non-team-assigned players (this system is initially designed to be for teams! but I’ll work on it later).

Use the tab key to show/hide, and click on the team label to show/hide that team’s players (very neat feature!). By default it shows display name, and to show the actual username, you hover at the player item. You can swap it so it displays username first, but requires some source code editing

This system was initially made so I can try out Fusion, so don’t expect any customisability (things like, badges, styling, you have to edit the source code instead)

Anyway, for those who are interested into my awfully-made system, here’s the GitHub of it.

For those who want to try out it first, here’s the Roblox place.


wow, that looks cool!
i might have to try it later


This is brilliant, this keeps the simplistic style of the current Leaderboard while also putting in small features that could be used heavily, such as the Username being revealed once you over/click on the said username.

I do think you need certain features added, such as a little menu you can open to add a player, check their clothing, report them and so on.

Although this style above is the current one and is decent, it’s companion; not so much.

Perhaps a rework of this menu, to where there could be a few buttons at the top area to find certain clothing, & report them, friend them, block them, & so on.


I would like to work on that, not so sure about the avatar inspector though. I don’t see a huge usage in most games to be fair. It’ll probably take me a code refactor so others can add custom actions to the menu


It is used to some degree, it’s nice to have the ability to if you see something someone’s wearing and like it, to be able to buy it when desired. However, I do agree that it doesn’t need it’s own main GUI pop-up, it could have a downscaled version of it.


Note: Roblox doesn’t provide an API function for reporting players or opening the report menu in-game (unlike some other actions such as request friend/unfriend/block).

Which means that we can’t have a Report Abuse button in our custom player lists in the sense of letting players report other players to Roblox.


Can you tell us why?


I don’t understand why you guys are arguing about the choice between Roact and Fusion. Sure, Fusion is not complete, and I shouldn’t be posting uncompleted works. However, have it served the purpose of this system? Yes, completely.

If it works as intended, then it works. Just because one library is uncompleted doesn’t mean the actual system itself is uncompleted as well. This sort of mindset is really unacceptable especially for a developer.


i was just suggesting. Yes fusion is still in development, but roact has way more features and is finished, auto updating, components, references, etc


E X A C T L Y . For some reason some of the people in this thread are acting like Roact is the solution to curing cancer.


I know its a suggestion, chill. I don’t have to listen suggestions that serves no purposes and no benefits at all, and you don’t have to pour out redundant suggestions.

TL;DR, your suggestion is trash, it doesn’t contribute to the main topic here


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Decided to give it a huge redesign. Now it looks really Roblox-native. I’ll probably refactor the code someday.

Also now supports players with no team assigned.


This looks very clean, good work! I probably won’t have any use for this but it’s quality actually suprised me


@7kayoh does this have leaderstats support?

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Light theme support. yes i hate light theme but some people prefer it

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Not at the moment! I’ll probably consider implementing some sort of leaderstats support when I want to do it


if you will add leaderstats support, will it support more than 3 values?

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Great! If you added leaderstats support I would most likely use this and definitely credit you :smiley:

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SIR don’t give these developers clout. I think you should give them clout. I think roact is the cure to cancer

Looks AMAZING! I like how you kept the basic concept, just making it more modernized!
Should we credit you if we implement this into our game?