A 3D mini-map of the real map?

I read many posts about creating an UI mini-map, but what I am trying to achieve is a 3D mini map of the game. I probably can do tiny models of the real ones, but how would I go with the terrain? I don’t know if this is the right category or this topic has been madr already, but anyone has any ideas with how to clone the terrain and do it smaller?


There was a demo that Roblox released yesterday that has a minimap with the terrain shown. It’s open-sourced so perhaps you can go check it out? Here’s the link: New Tech Demo: City People Cars

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I read it, but I wanted something 3D, not an UI element

What are your plans performance-wise? Possibly you can achieve a 3D effect by using ViewportFrames, although that can affect the performance of your game (depending on how much motion is in the ViewportFrame and how many parts you have put in).

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I don’t want a GUI!!! Not a ViewPort Frame !!

If you want a floating hologram, you should export the map as an OBJ and then import it back. Then you can just scale it down to the size you want it, use scripts to rotate it slowly, etc.

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Thank you, I will try! Hopefully it works

Ah, so I understand that you want to clone your whole map and place that clone scaled down somewhere?

Yeah, thats what I want. Like a hologram

That’s what I did in my game. If you use terrain this is very useful.