A completely new style (for me) I'm playing around with

I recently started experimenting with a completely new style for me: Low-Poly.

I normally build med-high poly only so this definently took some getting used to, but here are a few images of what I got so far:

I would love feedback on how I could improve, what’s good and what could be better. Can’t wait to hear from y’all!

(To see how I normally build: Portfolio)


Also an image of the UI I’m trying to make for the game.

Some more accenting etc.

Actually, I was just speaking to an Interior Design graduate, and I challenged her to point out what she thought about this. Here are a couple of things she told me you could do to make it better; this is what she mostly told me. I made a picture of some of her points.

  • Pillars instead of walls, and remove the walls in the middle, because you’re blocking the airflow and it feels caged, so making it more open would be much more ideal.

  • Colors do not match at all, and they do not match the aesthetic of the middle area. Such as making the flowers pink, at least so they match the walls. The floor does not suit the place at all, and the colors are not appealing. I suggest picking a color scheme and sticking with it, so if you want to add orange, then include it more around the map. Also, changing the colors to brown such as wood would make it look more natural since you’re trying to incorporate nature.

  • The place feels like a cage, and making the walls in the outer area, glass, and showing more nature in the distance would be better, otherwise adding more decorations in the outer area is necessary. With more decorations, you can add plants that stick on the walls, or add birdcages, lanterns, and any other sources of light that can enhance the area (especially during nighttime). Also, the benches are out of place so put them in the side (on grass) and add tiny details on top of them.

  • If the place in the center is where the player would go to change their outfit, then make it catch the eye and be the center of attention in the room even more, how so? Add stairs because realistically people would not jump over this, and adding a water area would make the place appeal more to nature and make it look much more better!

These are some of the points she pointed out, she did point out more, but this is what I primarily got, and I hope the picture I sent can help you. Good luck!


Super cool to hear how we could make it more appealing!
I’ll surely discuss all of these things with my partner because he’s kinda the boss around this build :wink: but I do agree with most of the points.

So far I’ve just based the build off of a single Totally Spies picture and I love the overall aesthetic of it which the current game completely matches.
I’ll upload what it looks like once I’ve added the changes!

Also, here’s a my try at making the Main Menu GUI for the game. Very bare bones currently but would love to hear feedback on this too!

Video of the UI

The place holder image is just a testing button and the roof is off because I’m still building.