Thedjhouse | Experienced Builder and Clothing Designer (OPEN)

About DJ

Hey! I’m thedjhouse. I’m an advanced builder, and I have well over 7 years of experience with Roblox Studio. Since the middle of 2021, I have officially left Roblox’s “play” side, and will only focus on Commissions.

I am experienced with both managing and being a part of large development teams. Over the years on this platform, I have come in contact with wonderful people and made great connections. These connections have helped me grow my skillset larger and larger.

A day without learning isn’t a fully lived day in my experience, I am always out looking for new opportunities and new experiences that can help me in both my personal life and professional life to “be the best version of my self”
Please do not DM me for free commissions, even tho I like to help people out, I am doing this as a serious side hustle. Thanks.

Previous Positions

To anyone who cares:

Previous Jobs

Reunited Games (162K+, Uniforms)
[CF] Canadian Forces (20K+, Uniforms)
[NLD] Kindom of the Netherlands (13K+, Building)
Urban Studio’s (1,2K in discord, former CEO, Building)
|BA| British Army (1,7M+, Uniforms)
Owned a multitude of Development groups. (400+, 600+ and 1,000+)
Working for Roblox Bracket Racing (200,000 visits and 4,000 Discord Members)
Along with this, I’ve contributed to well over 200,000,000 visits.
190,000,000 of these visits come off of a single game (NDA)

Whole bunch more commissions for smaller groups.


National Weather Station

Other buildings


San Dalira

A work in progress project of mine, San Dalira Texas.

World Wide Technology Raceway

Showcase video (Made by me)

Numidia Dragway

Land Ends Airport

Older map



I accidentally deleted all of my uniforms, so this will regrow over time, but if it’s good enough, take my word for it. I know what I’m doing


Paypal only or Dev-Ex Rates Robux

All payment is dependent on the importance of the commission, size and time it takes me. I can not give accurate estimates. Please send me a message for further information on pricing.


Please contact me on Discord or Gmail.

Discord: a.a2 / developer_ator

For any further information, do not be afraid to ask in the replies, or add me on Discord.


My commissions are still open (30 chars)

Is that 500 - 1K ROBUX per uniform?

Yes. (Thirty Charssssssssssss)

Vouch for Thedjhouse: I hired him recently to make me a set of clothes, and he made professional quality clothing in a good amount of time. The price was reasonable for the work, and I had a good time working with him.

Updated my portfiolio to show my new previews. It’s all up to date now! Hope I pleasure your eyes.

Updated my portfolio AGAIN, hope you guys like it.

Updated it yet again! New builds and a new style of clothing added.

Hello, I’ve sent you a friend request, of course if you don’t do clothing commissions right now, it is perfectly fine.

Added on discord - Annexers#1337

I can’t count, but he did a lot of uniforms for me and he’s funny, 10/10 would buy again

Another small update of the portfolio. Also added the reviews at the buttom. :ok_hand:

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Are you willing to do a building commission? If so, you can contact me here: CommanderRico#6476

Are you still taking commissions? I like your work. If so, I added you - Alexander#5204

Just so everyone knows, I am only looking for BIG COMMISSIONS clothing or building wise. Expect a full refresh of the portfolio too