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Does Part Perspective work with Moon Animator?

It does. You may want to set up the part perspective tool before you boot up moon animator. Since moon animator prevents selecting parts with roblox’s built in system it can get annoying trying to set up part perspective mid animation.

So I was scrolling through posts on the dev forum this morning when I stumbled upon this: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/a-pathfinding-widget-to-visualize-path-waypoints/

2 days ago I silently released a new WIP section for the 3D notes tool (I think it’s not on the actual plugin at the moment because I reverted it back to a previous version). A “path calculator”. (this was posted 5 hours ago). I am not sure if I should continue developing this section since it does exactly what this little plugin is doing.

I was planning to implement a way to specify agent parameters, for example, costs, radius, can jump, etc. Until I saw this post.

What do you think? Should I continue to develop this section of the 3D notes tool or remove it entirely?

  • Develop this section
  • Remove this section

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The original plan for when I started making the tool was to have text note creation, line creation, and path visualization. If you have any suggestions for an alternative section please let me know.


Ah, if you’re already making a plugin for this, I think it doesn’t hurt anyone to continue with it.

You and the users will get the benefit of having the tool in this plugin collection as opposed to having a separate plugin just for one function.

On the side note, I might download your plugin, this ‘protocol’ thing got me intrigued.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Oh, thank you! It was just a little function I was planning on making.
Don’t get discouraged though, your idea is great! Certainly has more graphics than mine.

The protocol thing is probably the most complicated tool I’ve made in the entire set, certainly one of my favorites to mess around with.

Thank you, keep creating :smiley:

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Hello everyone, sorry I’ve been a little quiet with development. However, I have just published a new version of this plugin.


  • Added a new button for the “Cross-Server Protocols” tool, called “Edit Variables”. Allowing you to add global variables to be used for all protocols, makes the output script more efficient (as well as decreases the number of times you may repeat yourself).
  • Added 2 new sections to the “3D Notes” tool. You can now create lines and visualize paths from 1 point to another.
  • Added a new tool to help UI designers save a bit of time. UI presets! No, not presets I’m providing but presets you make! More info to come in the “User Manual”. I will be using this to re-design the UI for all tools…

Right now I’m working on adding these changes to the “User Manual”.

You’re doing a great job and these are definitely useful tools. While the ui isn’t ideal, the functionality is there and it’s extremely helpful.

Thanks for your contribution,

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Thank you!

I have never really thought of UI design as much as I should have. I realize now that both functionality and a user friendly interface are extremely important.

I plan to use the new “UI Presets” tool to speed up the re-design process, the tool’s interface design reflects the new design idea.

I’d also like to make a menu for you to toggle each tool from, to just have 1 button in the plugin tab instead of 12+.

There’ve been some complaints regarding the R15 to R6 converter. People keep saying “the head is smushed down into the torso”.

So far this is the only complaint I’m aware of but I’ll look into it. Thanks for letting me know.

I forgot to account for the size difference between the UpperTorso of an R15 rig and the Torso of an R6 one. The issue seems like it has been fixed, my 2 tests of Roblox made animations seem to work properly.

I’ve just published the changes. Please let me know if the issue persists.

Go for some ui that looks more native to Roblox studio. I think it would fit the theme of these plugins very well.

Regardless I’m excited to see what you publish once you update.

And if the update somehow managed to break it even more, I’ll just revert to the previous version and use this script:
for _,pose in pairs((game.Selection:Get()[1]):GetDescendants()) do if pose.Name == 'Head' then pose.CFrame = (pose.CFrame - Vector3.new(0,0,pose.CFrame.p.z)) end end

Doesn’t seem fixed, so if I were you, I’d try to integrate the script I posted a couple days ago into the plugin if I were you.

I’m not sure why but it seems like we are getting different results. I have tested the current build of the tool on 7 different Roblox-published animations and the results for me are pretty decent.
Anyway, I tested out your solution by integrating it where the head is calculated.
It seems very accurate and slightly better than the approach I took in the current build. Thanks.

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This is so cool! Can’t wait to use it one day

while using the light theme of Roblox Studio, i can’t clearly see the tool icons on your plugin…

Whenever the plugin starts up the icons will now adjust to fit the studio theme. Just published it now.

Note: This doesn’t change the color of the tool widgets, just the icons displayed in the plugins tab.

This is a very nice plugin!

The best feature is part perspective. It’s such a great idea!
I really appreciate plugin developers like you, who create nice plugins for free.
Keep making stuff like this!
Do you have a support game (if not, well you should)? I’d like to support you!



I’m so glad you like the plugin!

This is so nice of you, in fact, I do have a support game. It used to be a button on the plugin, perhaps I should reintroduce it?

The link for the place is here: Donation thing - Roblox

Thank you so much!