A level creator donation system + information needed about the Roblox affiliate (commissions) system

Hello everyone,

I need some opinions on a system that I would like to implement in my game.
My game revolves around user created levels, the community will be able to create levels, and share those levels. I was thinking about adding a “creator donation” system, where the creator of a level would be given an option to add their own developer product or a gamepass. Users who view levels that accept donations would be shown a donation button.

Now my question is, what are the current rates on the Roblox affiliate (commission) system?
How much robux would I (as the main game developer) receive and how much would the level creator receive?
This forum post seems to talk about Avatar Items (UGC, and Roblox made), but what is the commission rate on 3rd party developer products and gamepasses?
Should I allow only selling 3rd party developer products and gamepasses, or should I allow the selling of avatar items (such as shirts, pants, hats, etc…) in a form of a donation.

This idea seems doable but hard to keep functioning, given that’s there is a lot of things that could go wrong. Say, what if the player scammed another player, if you kept a percentage of that robux or even just passed the robux through you (or your group) it could count as scamming and get your banned. Also this system could fall under Contests and Sweepstakes (rule 24 of the roblox community standard) or maybe the third rule of Roblox Economy (rule 30:3 of the roblox community standard). So I’d personally just email roblox (probably roblox support) to check if your allowed first of all, and if you can, just be careful about it

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You do have a valid point… I would be kind of tricky to resolve the problem with scammed players. I was thinking on having limitations on the donations (1000R$ donations limit, the player can only donate once, the 3rd party product’s name on Roblox needs to be “Level Creation Donation”…) However, as you said, I should probably contact Roblox to see what they think about this.

Also one thing to note here, there won’t be any promises of robux in the game nor will there won’t be payouts through the group payout system, the level creators would link their developer products or gamepasses (that they would use to receive donations) that will be prompted for sale through my game.(I earn a small % through the Roblox affiliate / commissions system (selling the product in my game) and they earn by selling their product).

Thanks for the reply!

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