A new category should be created for change requests

When using the forum, I found topics like this in #feature-requests:

This topic does not request an additional feature, but rather a change of an existing feature. To improve clarity and our experience on the DevForum, I propose a new category or subcategory should be made for topics such as this. It would be easier to navigate for forum browsers and Roblox staff, and an additional place to put these posts won’t leave confusion (i.e. putting it in #development-discussion due to lack of clarification).

Additionally, more of these requests might be made in the future if there was a dedicated category for it, which will improve overall user experience with Roblox as a whole (if the requests are satisfied or responded to).

An alternative less impactful solution that would also satisfy this feature request is to update the feature request template to include such clarity specified above.

You know, I think changing a feature and adding a feature are basically the same thing

Plus, I think if this was added, not much users will use it, so might as well clump it into #feature-requests

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There are no issues with the topics posted in that category, nobody is confused about where to put these types of posts. The real trouble is knowing when to write a bug report versus a feature request. Introducing a new category is simply busywork. Please focus on solving real problems when writing feature requests.

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So, the feature requests category is for addressing issues? Or is it for adding new features?

The help documentation is quite clear when it talks about this, but the category is often misconceived and misinterpreted. Something that is a little clearer for new users would be better and improve the Forum’s functionality.

edit: Also, the change could be anything, maybe an update to the help topic, not necessarily a new category.

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I think “often” is an exaggeration. Most of the About topics for the various feature request categories specify that these categories are for new features or changes to features. There are a few that do not and this could be improved, but this is an incredibly nitpicky change that will not see much (if any) improvement because the reality is that none of this matters, nobody reads these topics more than once (if they ever do). Actual user behavior boils down to choosing the closest correct category, which is obviously feature requests for changes to existing features.

You’re correct. However, some users might make the assumption that #bug-reports might be a suitable category because they believe the existing behavior to be unintended, and that it is meant to be different. A feature request could express the same thought with different wording and formatting.

Maybe you don’t know what is intended and what isn’t. How do you know if it should be a feature request or not? An in-between option would fix this, but it would add clutter to the Forums. Maybe there isn’t a solution?

Introducing a new category for changes just moves the “feature request vs bug report” problem into a new category.

Roblox does their own internal tracking so I think ultimately this is an edge case and doesn’t matter very much, but AFAIK it’s (currently) better to lean towards a bug report when uncertain if behavior is intended because these are better tracked internally. You might get that clarified and if the behavior is intended, you should create a feature request instead because the format and content of those is very important to product managers.

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As people have mentioned above, the feature request category can be used for any sort of request regarding our feature set. Not just addition of new features.

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