Clarify the disastrous new language for uncopylocking a place

As a developer, the old “allow copying” setting was always incredibly scary. One unnoticed miss click and your place could be left open sourced and available for anyone to take. The new language used for this setting makes it even scarier, as it’s not at all clear what the setting actually does.

“Grant content sharing right to all users” sounds like I’m giving permission for people to share screenshots and videos, it does not read like I am open sourcing my place.

To make matters worse, the text directly below the setting that tries to inform you on what exactly “content sharing” is doesn’t actually inform you. Clicking the ToS link does not show you a specific section of the ToS that defines it, nor do the words “content sharing” even appear if you search for them.

This language is a disaster waiting to happen, and a setting with such consequence behind it really should be more clear about what it actually does. If Roblox were to address this, I’d feel much more comfortable navigating the permissions tab knowing a misunderstanding won’t jeopardize the integrity of my game.


Completely agree.

This feature should be isolated from common settings, put behind a password/2FA requirement and labelled OPEN SOURCE YOUR PRODUCT. Don’t forget the many before and after warning prompts too!

An accidental checkbox shouldn’t lead to an entire software product been open sourced!


Yeaa this definitely has to be in danger zone. As stated above, a single misclick is enough to leak your hardwork. Which is why github put it all the way down in their repo settings to be danger zone, where you have to carry your responsibility for what you’re changing here.

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I had the exact same experience the first time I saw this - I didn’t even think it was the uncopylock option for a few seconds because the wording implies it’s just some licensing detail. It should clearly state that it lets other users copy your game. It should require reauthentication to change. It should have a second confirmation prompt. It should turn the Save button a bright blinding red. It should blast air raid siren noises through your speakers. It should cause thunder to ripple through the sky and the ground beneath your feet to shake.


Allow anyone to edit this place in Roblox Studio

Cant have clear and direct language for a feature that opens up your entire game can we no that’d be too easy

Content sharing as a term sounds like something that would mean “allow users to share screenshots or datastore stuff or whatever”, not here have my entire game

This should also be behind 2FA authentication because its a very dangerous thing


Even when I first came in front of “Uncopylock”, I wasn’t quite sure what it did. I had to test it out by risking and enabling it. I think a good name Roblox can give it to is something like: Allow access to the whole game assets. Or they can come up with an even more understandable name. I’m not good at naming things lol.


Hey all, just letting you know we have seen the thread and agree with your feedback. We have some folks working on updated language for this page.


Hi devs,

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the delayed response. We’ve updated the wording of this setting to make it clear that this enables the place to be copied:


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you, this language is much, much better!

One concern that remains, is that changing this critical option is still far too easy. 99% of developers visiting this page have no intent to switch this toggle, and the potential damage when switched on accident is enormous. It would be great to have secondary authentication steps and a warning prompt attached to it, because the current safeguards are not sufficient:


I accidentally uncopylocked my place yesterday while changing the other Permissions settings. I only noticed a day later.

There is still no warning message when uncopylocking a place. The old interface had this. This is especially bad in my example as I merely accidentally clicked the checkbox (I have no memory of clicking it), maybe even just pressed enter or my browser autofill-ed it for me.

As previously mentioned in this topic, this action can be disastrous for many games. I want to strongly voice that toggling this option on NEEDS a clear warning message before clicking “Save Changes”.


Literally they could just put “uncopylock place”

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