A new Regular system for Members

Uh… not really. The previous system (manual post approval) failed and that’s why it was discontinued. Every topic and every reply had to be manually approved by someone before being “released to the wild”. We’re talking about real people sitting behind a computer reading topics and having to decide whether or not they should be posted. If you had enough approved topics, you could be promoted to a regular.

That’s fine in a small community, but the dev community has been growing much quicker than expected. You can’t go through each and every post manually anymore. Simply said, demand was higher than capacity.

Managing a community this large isn’t an easy task. The old system was replaced for a reason and they aren’t just going to put it back out of the blue. A new, thoroughly designed system needs to be developed instead. It should take all events (or as many as possible) into account, which the old post approval definitely did not. I’m a member too, I know that it can be restrictive, and I know it’s unfair that we can’t just level up. You need to feel some sort of empathy towards the people managing the forum and understand that not everything – especially a system which influences the overall functioning of the forum – can be accomplished easily.

In summary: The old system flopped because it was slow, inefficient, put unnecessary tension on people who were doing it, and unfit for a community which is growing day by day.


The reason the old system was removed was because anyone who were on Post Approval were stressed out by the amount of posts. If you have a bug report, DM @DevEngagementTeam. I got this post by doing this method, but it takes longer than Post Approval.

Well they are currently testing something called the Bug Report wizard


Yep. 100%.

This is actually REALLY visible when you go to a popular module or resource. Let’s say you go and see datastore2, there’s 1600 replies… ok, then you go back to 500 replies or so, and you see stuff from July, 2020 or so. Same thing with ProfileService, any big resource for that matter.

(I overshot with 500 replies, however look at this:


That’s on 500 replies. 2019. 2020 seems to have been a big year for people joining Roblox development.


I literally came here to post about this, but you beat me to it.

I too have several bugs that need fixing in RSudio, but I can’t post about them. It’s not cool… I would really like to be able to become a regular for that reason alone.

I would love for the Roblox team to open this back up again, even if we needed a new set of rules for members to become regulars.

Maybe you would have to file a request to the developer relations team to become a regular?..

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It has now been a little longer than 6 months since Post Approval was removed and Member → Regular promotions came to a stop.

I am among many who wishes to get more perks and feel more included within the forum after a long time of consistent contribution.

My stats per now are 1.1k+ likes received, 3.5k+ profile visits, 9 days+ read time (216+ hours), 32.4k+ posts read, 90+ solutions and 900+ days visited (365+ days in a row).

Please do update the requirements and promote the members who deserve it. :pleading_face:


Being a Member of the forum already makes you included in the Developer Forum, even if you’re a Member you could still make consistent contributions, without the rank of ‘Regular’ and being in the rank of ‘Regular’ shows you are trusted with Developer Forum posting permissions around certain categories.

A Member’s stats does not make one a Regular of the Developer Forum, and remember, to be a Regular, you have

One’s stats does not make one a Regular, and it never had been.

Why are you so eager to be promoted to be a ‘Regular’ there’s nothing really special about it, sure you could access #lounge, though there’s not really special things there, and most of us prefer other communications platforms when communicating with each other rather than using the forum to do it. I’ll be honest, it’s better if #lounge could just be removed.


I mentioned that I among others wanted to feel more included within the forum, and that includes being shown appreciation towards by being awarded a promotion for one’s dedication.

There is literally a direct connection between users’ stats and the post you linked. I am not sure what you are talking about.

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I’ll ask you back, why do you need appreciation despite the fact this is just a Developer Forum, and you shouldn’t even expect something… Isn’t your dedication to the forum enough for your to be already apart of it? You don’t need appreciation to be apart of something… Honestly, you shouldn’t even expect anything from the Developer Forum but you should just focus on contributing to fellow members… despite the fact that you should be thankful… and be dedicated with nothing in return.
Appreciation is obtained not expected, to be precise.

You don’t understand, everything I’ve stated above is just some ways to be promoted to Regular, and stats does not make you Regular, they didn’t disclose it properly so users wouldn’t abuse this, though, in reality, obtaining the rank of Regular isn’t obtained through stats or how many likes your posts get in this forum.


Post Approval got seriously backed up and so it was removed as it became overwhelming for the team.

Regular means you can be trusted to not post utter garbage on high-priority channels to engineers, Lounge is a nice side channel, even though it’s always dead.

Your activity on the forum will not get you promoted, if you want an actual system, it should be based on your quality of posts, not how active you are.

For example; lets have two theoretical users, one’s who never active, and one who’s very active.

The very active user could be contributing to the spam to Development Discussion by constantly asking off-topic threads there. This isn’t going to get them Regular because Roblox doesn’t want to trust you with bug reports.

The inactive user though, could post a really detailed post on how the Plugin API works, but under you theoretical system, because they’re never active. Roblox wouldn’t promote them.


So you are saying that if someone were to take your regular away, you would be fine with it because it doesn’t matter?

Step inside the shoes of a member. You don’t want this because you want regular to be more exclusive, which is rather selfish.


Please stop with this “inclusion” argument. I’m a member. We don’t need to rush promotions. Have you seen the state of #development-discussion?

If you want to be regular so you can get the “perks” and feel “included”, then stop using this forum. I don’t know how many times I have to say it, regular gives you permissions to post in #bug-reports and #feature-requests. That’s it. Don’t use the excuse of “well members cannot create bug reports” because yes, you can. If you’ve spent enough time on this forum and read the guidelines you can see exactly how you can report a big as a member.

You should not want to be a regular for the sake of #lounge, just use discord.

Stats mean nothing in terms of your trust level. Regular is given based on your ability to write proper bug reports.

I understand this is harsh, but I am tired of members wanting regular just for the sake of regular. This isn’t a social forum, this is a developer forum.


I’ll be honest, even when I was a Member I wasn’t really looking forward to becoming a Regular too much, there’s really not much into it. I’d even be fine if they made Members and Regulars equal, so, to answer your question. Yes.

I used to be a Member myself and didn’t envy the Regulars, you though, in the other hand shows you envy users with the Regular role as seen in your statements, being a Regular, dosen’t mean we’re higher than Members we’re just trusted in posting more freely in certain restricted categories where Members can’t reply with the former Post Approval.
Hilariously you’ve mistakenly thought what being a Regular is, we don’t have any ‘exclusive’ abilities other than being trusted to create threads in certain categories.


The amount of likes received can be used as a way to tell how contributive a user’s posts are. When you like a post it is usually because you agree with-, or find the post useful.

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I never stated that I solely wanted the promotion to get access to #lounge. Please stop making assumptions and keep your negative opinions to yourself.

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No? Likes mean nothing about how contributive a user is. That is not at all how you should be representing a person to decide if they are worthy of promotion.

You said, and I quote,

Unless you can tell me what are the “perks” you are talking about, I have every reason to believe you are referring to #lounge.


Wrong, normally, likes just show how users like the fact that you’ve given, but it dosen’t mean it’s contributive. I’ve seen off-topic posts obtaining so much likes, and this just proves likes isn’t a reliable source to which your posts are said to be “contributive”.
Another example is that, if you see something that you like in a post, you would like it… even though it’s not contributive or educational.

Shall we review this?

I’ll be saying this once again, you shouldn’t expect anything from the Developer Forum, other than you should be giving contributive posts that will help developers, not expecting anything in return or from this forum.


That is simply your opinion. I am not interested in your opinion nor changing my own. Let us save some time and stop trying to do so.

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That not what I meant. I said I assume that you want to keep regulars exclusive, as in not many people have it.

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How so? Shall we repeat your statement?

It’s obvious that you wouldn’t change your opinion, however, it’s somewhat still wrong and misleading and shouldn’t be an example towards other members of this community.
I’ve repeated over and over again, there’s no exclusive perks in becoming a Regular other than posting in #lounge, you just indirectly keep stating that you want to enjoy it, considering the fact you’ve stated, “to get more perks” whatever perks they maybe… there’s no perks that would really be contributive to your activities in the Developer Forum. Again, Regular is earned by being trusted and the only perks we get is to able to post in certain categories that Members are locked to post from, and also to post in #lounge, if you don’t mean by this, them it’s obvious you expect something higher that dosen’t even exist.
Trust is earned not obtained, as you keep on implying to yourselves that it should be obtained… which was kept being emphasized that it should be obtained by your statement.

Why would you assume in the first place? Even though not many people have the rank of Regular we’re not elite users who are elitist who want the role exclusively for us, we’re just pointing out that there’s no different, even as Member or Regular, you could still make contributive posts, and you don’t need a rank to do so nor is there anything special in obtaining that rank.


Exactly. And I’m also tired of the spam in the forums.
The past week alone we’ve had:

  • 2 egg hunt posts
  • At least 2 rants
  • Yesterday I flagged like 20 off-topic threads
  • And more I haven’t even seen.

And it just makes me laugh out loud when I see people who have been here for two months posting solutions(as an active member of the spam) in forum feedback.
Lounge is a legacy category, why do you want it everyone(but the ones with reason I guess)?
And if people took time to be mature and try to understand some rules we wouldn’t have both the forum feedback and development discussion rampages.
Sometimes, this is probably going to sound hypocritical coming from one who came in when it wasn’t invite only, I wish that it hadn’t opened to the public.
And @Avallachi, you being around here for 3 years it seems clear you were probably doing something wrong or else you’d have regular. Sorry.

Some backing up,

Now I can’t write as eloquently as some, so I’m going to quote someone here.

I agree. Most of the time(and I quote Most of the time) regulars are generally more responsible and give better, more helpful posts. Remember Tl3+? They got to those positions because they were helpful and trustworthy.

Sorry for the lengthyish post all.