A Plethora of Open-Sourced [aka "Uncopylocked"] Games

Hey everybody!

I was recently bored, so I started looking around my old games; most of my games made years ago are absolutely not acceptable towards my personal standards.

I put together a folder of abandoned and quick projects; some are decent frameworks to start with, while others are terrible things I made as a kid.

Regardless, I hope some people see some use of these.

How to get the assets

Find the projects here:

This is a preview of what folders you should have:

If your files do not work, make sure you download them as raw!

Examples of what is included

Here are some things you can get:

  • Cool code, like Camera bobbing and bot AI
  • Preset games you can build off of
  • Systems, such as an FPS and black-hole system.
  • Models, Particles, UI, and more!
  • And much, much more!


Some things to keep in mind with this:

  • Much of the content inside of these projects are low quality. There are some mid-quality projects in there though, and those are the ones that would be great to learn from and build off of. There is varying quality due to the assets coming from a variety of time periods, some as far back as 3-4 years ago.

  • I do not keep up with any of these projects. This means that if something breaks, I will not fix it, I will not tell you how to fix it, I will not help you fix it.

  • Learning comes from experimenting. I encourage you to mess around with some aspects in these projects, see what changes produce certain outcomes, and etc. My #1 hope with this is for users to take these projects and turn them into something truly amazing.

  • You have my clear and explicit permission to do whatever you want with assets. You can even re-upload these projects and claim it as yours; I do not care. These are held under no license.

Update Information

I will likely add more projects here over time; in fact, I already have.

If you have something you would like me to add here, let me know. If I have time I can likely whip up something quickly.

Anything added to the git will fall under the same terms, meaning you have just as much freedom and risk with using them.

Thanks for reading!


Thanks. This is great for new developers that want to make a game, but aren’t that good.


Nice! This is definitely a good resource for new developers to learn!


This is something worthy of book marking, thank you!




Unzip the folder, if you haven’t already?


Just extracted, same error still occurs

Edit: Error no longer occurs, however whenever I open a file it just takes me to the default screen. I can see varying file sizes so I know there’s content there, it’s just not opening.

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Maybe redownload? Hopefully that should help.
If not, try opening a different way.


It worked fine for me. I’m not sure if this would help, but I downloaded it “raw.”


Thanks! This can really help people like me who aren’t too good at scripting or building.


Although I understand that some people just don’t have the ability to build/script. I try to encourage people to learn some more, I don’t like it when people have the audacity to just steal other people’s games if you understand where I’m coming from here.

hell yes
i wonder what new ways to script these i will find…


Awesome work my guy! This can really inspire more people to be devs. Nice work :smiley:


I would be careful, they aren’t optimized scripts lol.

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You’re a helpful person to the incoming developer community. Nice work!


Shoutout to @EthanDSYT for being the 50th like! And thanks so much for the amazing response everybody! :heart:

In addition, the open source files link (as of the making of this reply) has 400 clicks! Hope to see some amazing new developers come from this. :slight_smile:


That scared me, I’ve never been mentioned before so I clicked on it thinking it was some sort of moderation message :laughing:
Anyway, this is an incredibly useful resource I have shown to many new developers. Thank you so much for allowing this to happen! (You are honestly so kind to help so many people out with no self benefit)

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Nice! This is perfect for new developers like me so I’ll be experimenting with these to help me out.


Good to know these help! Lemme know if you need any assistance :slight_smile:


Here after a bit, but I’m wondering if I should add anything more?
If you have something in mind, please reply or DM me so I can see what I can do :wink:

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