Are there projects that we can learn from in Github?

Hello developers!

As a new developer, I am already comfortable with Roblox API and scripting, but I have no idea what a serious project should be organized. Other beginner may share the same frustration with me.

Learning from existing project is good solution. I have found two projects in Github:

  1. @Kampfkarren’s Zombie Strike
  2. @Jamie_Fristrom’s Dungeon Life

Thanks, Kampkarren and Jamie :smiley:

If you know any more projects in Github, please let me know, I will update the projects in the main post.


Here are a few. Shout out to the people below : P


Thanks to @Xx_FROSTBITExX for linking me!

I think open-sourced games are a great way to see how a general layout is!

However, many open sourced games (like mine, because in my case, they are old and ugly projects) have poor code organization or setup (more than 5-6 scripts, lots of overlapping while wait(), poor optimization, terrible organization, etc.)

I think watching development streams, if you can find them, are the most surefire way to learn. You can see firsthand how development is done, and what it’s actually like in the moment.

Hopefully that provides more insight :slight_smile:


No worries! I looked through some of your projects and they were epically awesome. I recall testing one out, and instantly dying the moment I spawned due to OP soldiers :rofl:

I agree, open sourced can be really important to learn from and experiment with. They also take you through a time travel, but that is what’s cool.

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Is there anyone you recommend I watch?

I’m unsure. I forget who streams and who does not.

*although I stream myself :stuck_out_tongue: *

This beautiful beautiful collection, thx!

Sorry if it’s a bit late but I just found one cool project that I remember now after browsing GitHub after being concerned with my messy commit history.

@Xuleos NPC abuse.

Where I initially remember it from, but then forgot.

I feel a bit better now about having a large number of commits but I think I can practice Git further by squashing it down.

Plus there are some cool workflow aspects within this specific Roblox Git Project like:

  1. How to store assets in Git format
  2. The source is divided between client and server like most frameworks.
  3. Roact UI.
  4. Some advanced Roblox-ts stuff. I miss having to declare variables in Java.