A problem with procedural generation for infinite part

So recently I started creating a procedural generation system in order to create infinite part making chunks whenever the player walks a certain distance. However I cannot seem to find a way to make it both optimal with little to no lag and effective. I did check throughout all the forums and tutorials, but they weren’t that helpful. I really need it just as simple as it can be. I did try creating it by using the Roblox Terrain Procedural Generation, but it did not work as expected.

The only working method so far was making it so the part moves with the player and it looks like its infinite, however it doesn’t look as it should since it’s a movable water mesh.

Much appreciated!

You could put a task.wait() in since it is fast, and it lessens the lag

Try searching “infinite road”. It may give you some ideas.
These mostly deal with keeping the player stationary and in a straight line, but there may be something you can use.

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