A reply supporting archiving clothing

So this is just a reply to these 2 posts on archiving clothing [1] [2]—I was told that “necrobumping” (6 months) feature requests is forbidden and we should instead create new posts, so don’t flag this you guys…

Anyway, here’s my use case:
I sometimes reupload offsale clothing from inactive/deleted accounts for private enjoyment. I feel that it’s ethical to do this since it’s similar to setting the mona lisa as your desktop background. The problem is that Roblox content delete obliterates the entire asset (ie name, description, image), so if I wanted to find the original asset again, I’d need to associate assetids in an external database (or I guess a Roblox game).

If we had the archive clothing feature, then I could just archive all of my reuploaded clothing and avoid the risk of content deletion while still being able to enjoy the clothing for myself.


I was actually told the opposite. In my case, I had a feature request that was already mentioned upwards of a year or more ago. I was told to just reply to that thread instead. This probably changed though considering that this was during post approval times.

I’ve actually ran into this issue a bit. I have clothing on this account (it’s almost a decade old) and a lot of old clothing I can’t archive or get rid of. So I literally have to go through page by page trying to find what I was looking for. Not very user-friendly imo.

I think a lot of issues regarding this in a way that a Roblox engineer would probably consider would be to add a search bar under avatar customization. While this doesn’t get around the fact that you can be moderated, it allows a better way to sort through old clothing in a more user-friendly manner.

Archiving clothing also works in a sense but, I wish there was a way to just delete it to prevent myself from being moderated by the sheer stupidity of my former self, change in rules, robot army takeover, etc. I’m not entirely sure if this relates to or is what you’re looking for.