After 7 and 1/2 months of constructing a near 1:1 scale build of the interior of Alcatraz Prison, I’m proud to be the first to announce that a replica of the prison is on this platform!

This build was constructed using references on Google Images/“Streetview”, historical photos and early building schematics, and an extensive 600-page National Park Service document, among other sources.

There are some imperfections here and there, as object sizes are best guesses, but I hope you enjoy the build. Additionally, some places of the prison are intentionally inaccessible/barren to limit part count. This is justified in the map’s backstory - it is under renovation. Therefore, the build is intentionally made to look restored and in good condition.

The build will be a map for my main game, MAINFRAME. However, I wanted Alcatraz to be a separate place just so people could explore it!

Feedback (colour changes, build critiques, more renovation elements, etc.) is appreciated to ensure the build will remain one of the most incredible builds on the platform! :grin:

Built on Roblox Studio using Roblox assets.


Game Page:


Nice work, it’s very detailed but cells lack on interiors and I found a missing door.

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I love the detail you put in it. I would recommend to put GFX and more lighting around. Thanks

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The build is intended to take place halfway through renovations, so there may be the odd broken bit and missing content (doors, cell furniture, etc.).

Acknowledging this, do you think I could put more into the build to ensure that this form of storytelling is better?

Looks absolutly stunning! I think there could be some more textures but if that isn’t the style you’re going for then that’s okay!

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You could for sure add more areas like the yard and cafeteria. If you also want to go beyond the facility you could also add guards NPCs that move around.

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What textures do you have in mind?

[Edit]: the rest of the (visible) cells are now fitted!

Like a metal texture for the cells and maybe some other like semi-realistic textures

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This is definitely the best Alcatraz remake I’ve seen on Roblox. Even though it’s only the interior, it’s very detailed and has a lot of personality in the build, you captured the essence of the prison perfectly. I would suggest editing the light sources around the facility to make them a bit more damp or yellowish in color, other than that it looks amazing. Great job!

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