A Roblox To Discord system - Check if someone is in a Discord server

Hello developers. I have been recently working on this Roblox to Discord system which allows games to check if a player is in a server.

How does this work?

  1. The place makes the request
  2. The external server receives the request and analizes it.
  3. If the request has been made from a game that is binded to the target server the system will continue the checks else will return http code 401 (Unauthorized)
  4. The system checks if there is a user in the server with a nickname equals to the passed username
  5. If everything is successfull the server will grant the data.

I’m planning to add more features to this system:

  1. Check if a player has a role in a server
  2. Improve the security as now the system can be exploited. I’m obviously not going to tell why to avoid any risk and it’s for this that the system is not public. I will add a tokens system so users will have to generate a token from the Discord server and then pass it in the request.
  3. Add a verification system, so users will be able to verify their roblox account as they would do with bloxlink so checking if there is a user with a nickname equals to the specified username will be easier.

Bind requests are stored into an external database and are deleted after 10 minutes from when they are made if they don’t get accepted. Bound servers are also stored into the external database.

This system is based on the fact that roblox allows only one account to have a specific username.

If you are wondering how i made this i used some libraries and JavaScript.

I used JavaScript, HTML, ejs, express, discord.js and others.

Let me know if you have any feedback.


You lost me on step 4 haha, keep up the good work!


If you look at the video you will see that as a parameter i put “NinjaFurfante07” and that’s the username step 4 refers to so if the username is equal to someone’s nickname in the Discord server then it will return true which means that the player is in the server


are you currently sharing the script cause I need one tbh, you can say no if u want

I plan on open sourcing it since I don’t host it anymore for the public but I need to change a few things in the code because it is pretty old and I don’t want to provide poorly written code as I have improved a lot since then.

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ok well good luck on your work and plans, if it ever got in in opensource tag me if you don’t mind, anyways good luck once again

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I will surely tag you! I just need to find the time as i am busy on a few other projects (like this which requires a lot of work) right now.

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