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Hello everyone!

I am here today to introduce a platform that me and two other developers have been working on recently. BloxTeams is not yet complete although we hope to have it finished as soon as possible, working to ensure that the website is as secure and bug free as possible.

About BloxTeams

“What is BloxTeams?”, you may be asking. BloxTeams is a website designed to reduce the chance of someone getting scammed when engaging in commissions. It is highly based on the system which fiverr is based on, however instead of working with real currency it uses Robux for developers who wish to pay other people for work through Robux. It’s going to be an easy to use platform. Currently BloxTeams authentication works with Roblox account verification, however we hope to change this and use the Roblox Open Cloud OAuth2.0 once it is open to the public (or when and if we get accepted into the alpha program).

About the developers

BloxTeams development team currently, at the time of writing this post consists of three developers who have all met on the Roblox DevFourm. These three developers are @LifeDigger , @theworldis_socruel and @NinjaFurfante07. We three decided to work on this website together after seeing many developers getting scammed. Since Roblox has put in place no secure system to allow transactions we have decided to create our own.


Exchanges: commissions
Parties: the developer and the commissioner

How does the website work

Our system works by allowing users to create exchanges and then once the developer who created the work submits the file to our website we will store it until payment has been sent, after that the commissioner will be allowd to download the files that the developer uploaded. We also hope to make the whole system automated however we are still looking into this feature due to our original idea of using the Roblox Open Cloud not being currently possible due to the lack of an API in Open Cloud to interact with a user’s currency, the only other way is through the use of Roblox security cookies that after creating a post about does not seem people want that and so we have decided to avoid it. For art work we also have a system to automatically apply a watermark until payment has been sent.


We currently have a Discord server for BloxTeam which if you’re interested in the platform we highly recommend joining because we will post updates of the development of the website, staff applications and many other things.

Server Link: The BloxTeams Platform

Images of BloxTeam currently


If images do not load view this reply: BloxTeams: powering secure commissions - #5 by NinjaFurfante07


Does BloxTeams’ cost anything to use?

BloxTeams’ does not currently cost anything however we plan to implement a 10% cut on every transaction so that we can keep our systems up.

Edit: After review we have decided to remove the 10% cut and rather have a different method for us to keep the website up.

Why should we use BloxTeams’ once it is out when we can just do it through DMs?

The goal of BloxTeams’ is to reduce the chance of getting scammed when engaing in commissions, the platform will act as a middleman between the commissioner and the developer, so that both parties receive what they agreed for.

When will BloxTeams’ be open to the public?

We do not currently have an exact date for BloxTeam to come out to the public however we hope to bring it out as soon as possible. We are currently just finishing some features of the website and once complete, after bug testing with a restricted group of people (for this we reccomend you to join our Discord server) we should be able to release it to the Roblox community.

Do we have a report system for users who still manage to scam?

The BloxTeams’ staff is dedicated to keep the community safe and civil, if someone scams you then you can report the user and our staff will review it. The punishment for scamming is a permanent ban so that we can allow our website to be as safe as possible.

Does this website break the Roblox “Brand Guidelines” due to the name of this site is BloxTeams?

Our website name does not break any of the Roblox ToS or brand guidelines. Lots of people have asked us and from our knowledge it does not. Some people are getting confused due to the name having “Blox” in it they believe it breaks the brand guidelines however it does not. If you take a look in the brand guidelines it states that only “experiences” on the Roblox platform cannot use blox or anything like that as the experience name. Also from our current knowledge Roblox corporation does not know the rights to “Blox” so it should be fine.

Let us know your opinions on this, we will highly appreciate any feedback.

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LATEST UPDATEl PLEASE VIEW THIS POST: BloxTeams: powering secure commissions - #71 by NinjaFurfante07


So its basically a better talenthub


a 10% cut makes no sense… Robux cannot be used to pay for website hosting, or servers or anything else… You should charge a real currency fee or one time payment


Inside the team we have not yet thoroughly discussed our fees, it’s likely we will instead make a subscription for extra features for team (commission) management and other useful tools from ‘that same shed’. Take the 10% as a placeholder.


So since the images uploaded by @LifeDigger are broken for some reason here are new ones:

What your profile looks like from your view

What another user’s profile looks like from your view

What creating an exchange looks like

Exchanges list, exchanges marked with the orange clock are still pending the developer’s approval (Read below to understand how exchanges work)

Privacy settings (there will be more of them) since there will also (probably) be a live chat system

Integrations settings so that you can connect other services to your account and prove the ownership of what you show

Connecting a payment source (a group) will allow you to choose among groups you own, this will let the platform know if you will be able to pay for the exchange, if not the developer will be warned before accepting a commission.

So about exchanges:
When you create an exchange it will be pending until the developer you commissioned accepts it

What accepting an exchange looks like:

As you can see from the picture, below the price box there is a suggested price, because we want to simplify the use of the platform we have decided to implement an automatic system for (the possible) tax calculation, setting the suggested price as the exchange’s price will give you the exact amount you want by covering the tax.

As you can see from the image below, the developer will be warned when: a) the commissioner doesn’t set a payment source, b) when the commissioner’s payment source has not enough funds to pay the price the developer chose.

This wasn’t mentioned in the main post but we have partnered up with BloxFolio to let users add their portfolio to their profile, we may add more ways of displaying your portfolio.

Also please note that everything can be subject to change.


Normally people can just use platforms with TradeSheilds such as Fiverr

HiddenDEVs sometimes provides middlemen services
They have a massive amount of resources and trained staffs, therefore it might be the best choice for most people.

This is absolutely useless.
Banning someone from your platform is harmless and provides 0 help.

With what qualities that the head staffs can provide? Are there any proof to them?

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Some months ago, back when the #collaboration category was still open, the TalentHub was already being developed, though I made a feature request that suggested to implement a system like this (basically a middleman), it was probably never considered so after seeing developers getting scammed because no safe environment was provided we came up with the idea of building this platform. Going back to your answer, basically yes and no as we are not sure if we will have a job posting system

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The point was to allow developers to pay with robux, which is not possible on fiverr but probably neither on TradeSheilds

It would at least prevent them (if not permanently for a while) from continue scamming, the same situation applies to HiddenDevs, users banned for scamming can join by using a VPN

The middleman will be the platfrom itself, not humans, we want to automate the process as much as possible so that exchanges can happen without needing a person to step in (which in some cases could slow down the process of an exchange). Also we consider not having real people as middlemen an added layer of security, because as you will surely know sometimes people change their mind and act in their interest, and that may lead to a flaw in the system :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks good, can’t wait to see how this turns out!


Yes, but in the remote possibility that Roblox OAuth2.0 provides a scope to manage a user’s robux (even though i don’t think will happen) we would switch to that to avoid pending robux limits too

Small progress is still progress, we didn’t claim it would exterminate 100% of scamming globally.

You can not pay with robux there, and the currency is quite a lot used between smaller developers

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As I mentioned in a post by me above, there will be other uses implemented along for team management and such things. I am aware of the HD scam list (I’m authorised to upload), but if I’m honest, the list itself doesn’t help too many people, as it’s not too known and used by newer developers. (Not to mention this would prevent a scam at its first occurence, something being in the scam list means there already has to have been a scam, that is not the case here)

From their scammers list:
We want to prevent this thing in particular, developers taking upfront payment and not delivering the work and commissioners taking assets and not paying by making our system send to each part what it agreed to receive. Meaning that after the parties decide to make the exchange the developer will get paid (this first because we don’t have full control over a user’s funds) during the payment assets uploaded by the developer will be locked so that he can’t remove them, after the payment the assets will be sent to the commissioner.

Yup, just like TradeSheild. But how could people trust you to give you their funds and items? Plus, for large sum of Robux commissions 10% might be too much, as after all this is Roblox not Fiverr.

We never mentioned items, we can’t access a user’s assets because as mentioned in the main post we don’t ask for their security cookie. Regarding trust in giving us their funds, it’s the usual argument, every service was trusted by someone at the beginning, also not that this is a strong point to you but we (the team) don’t want to ruin our reputation as developers by stealing a user’s funds, ofcoruse you might not believe the last statement but that’s the reality…

And again, TradeShield doesn’t allow payments with robux, the design of our project is basically the same of fiverr and other platforms that do this (or almost the same) but it allows robux payments instead.

Oh neat this seems cool, I’ll use this when it’s out!

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Our hope is that we can use the Robux fee so that after we can DevEx out the Robux so we can then use that to run our servers. It’s not that expensive to run a hosting of a website so it should be fine. Also like what @theworldis_socruel we have not yet completely decided on this yet.

We want to attempt to make it so that people don’t have to pay real currency so that people who wish to use Robux only can use it.


Then you get scammed because either the middle man takes the payment or the middleman does not get the payment sent to them. Also unless I am incorrect and please ensure to correct me if I am wrong but I have not seen any middleman people who will do it with Robux.

Our hope is to automate it all to ensure safe and easy transactions between players.

10% to be quite honest is not much at all and also we have not yet 100% decided if we will include a cut. 10% of 1K is only 100 Robux which to be quite honest unless you are greedy is not at all a large cut.

No, it’s not. We want a service that doesn’t need users to believe in other people except for us that provide it. We want to hopefully use the OAuth2.0 token to make group payouts on the owner’s behalf to pay the developer, after that we let the commissioner download the assets uploaded by the developer.

Always better than roblox’s 30% cut on payments done through gamepasses etc I would say

Interesting though the name goes against branding guidelines. Update to Roblox Licensing Program & Brand Guidelines