A simple and (maybe) performant solution to visualizing your raycasts

so if you don’t know what you’re doing with your raycasts, same! most people visualize their raycasts using parts, but (i think) that’s bad performance-wise; so I used beams!

local function initializeDebugRaycastBeams(amount: number, default_ray_length: number, holder: Instance)
    local debug_beams = {}
    local beam_index = 1

    for _ = 1, amount do
        local attachment = Instance.new('Attachment')
        local target_att = Instance.new('Attachment')
        local beam = Instance.new('Beam')

        beam.Attachment0 = attachment
        beam.Attachment1 = target_att

        beam.Parent = holder
        attachment.Parent = beam
        target_att.Parent = beam

        table.insert(debug_beams, target_att)

    return function(origin: Vector3, direction: Vector3, result: RaycastResult)
        local att = debug_beams[beam_index] -- get the current beam

        att.WorldPosition = (result and result.Position or (origin + direction.Unit * default_ray_length))
        beam_index = (beam_index % amount) + 1 -- cycle through


local ray_length = 10

-- create 1 beam with default ray length of 10
local visualize = initializeDebugRaycastBeams(1, ray_length, workspace.Baseplate)

local origin = workspace.Baseplate.Position -- where the ray is fired
local direction = Vector3.new(0, 1, 0) * ray_length -- up
local result = workspace:Raycast(origin, direction) -- do the raycast

visualize(origin, direction, result) -- will show a beam that shoots up 10 studs if theres nothing obstructing it

the visualize function can be used multiple times and will cycle through the initialized beams

me using it to visualize my DQN car ai obstacle detection rays:

one must imagine car trying to reach its target.
(the additional lag is from obs itself)


So helpful, I visualized so so so soooo many rays today with cool performance :sunglasses:

Amy example videos of thsi resource which visualizes raycasts???

yeah sure, im currently using it for visualizing my DQN car ai obstacle detection, ill get the footage in a minute